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Airship 27 Opens a New Hangar

Designed to be a one-stop location for all the news about Airship 27 Productions, one of the leading publishers in the New Pulp Movement, the publisher announced their new Airship 27 Blog.

Says Ron Fortier of the new site, “Not only will you learn what new titles are coming but, but this site will also feature exclusives interviews with many of the talented Airship 27 writers and artists who help make out books the leading quality books they are.  Me, I’m managing editor Ron Fortier and I hope you’ll sign on to our blog ranks and become an Official Loyal Airmen.  Believe when I say the best is yet to come.   UP SHIP!!”

You can visit Airship 27’s new blog here.

Today On Amazing Stories

Today on Amazing Stories:

an interview with Tanya Tynjala by M. C. Carper (en espanol) http://amazingstoriesmag.com/2013/07/conociendo-a-tanya-tynjala-escritora-de-cf/

an essay on Early Readers by Monique Jacob

the first installment of a personal discovery of SF by B. Morris Allen

a STRONG endorsement of reading publishing contracts from Cedar Sanderson

a bit about the Ray Palmer biography from Keith West

and a philosophical discourse from Geoffrey Wakeling

and all on (obviously) www.amazingstoriesmag.com/blog

Today On Amazing Stories

Today on Amazing Stories:

News Roundup – including an uncomfortably large number of articles dealing with bias, racism, harassment and BS that just has got to stop!, Time Machine roundup of the week’s most popular posts, and Mark A. Garlick’s artwork featured in this week’s IAAA Gallery.

Find all this and more here.

Reminder: 2013 Harvey Award Nominations close today!

harvey-logo-2010-brown-300x2852-8900853If you are a comics creator, you are eligible to nominate works and vote for the Harvey Awards. And this year, you can nominate online!  The deadline for nominations is midnight tonight.  If you think there is a piece of work, including yours, that deserves the votes of others, please spread the word– e-mail, blog, tweet, and otherwise promote works that deserve recognition.

  • Not sure what was published in 2012 and want ideas? Google “best comics 2012”.
  • Use Twitter to show your support for a given work!
  • Use hashtag #harveys2013 on your tweet.
  • Blog about the work you want to promote.
  • Please spread word to your peers that they can vote!

Nominate now, and we’ll see you here when the final ballot is announced– and we’ll see you in Baltimore in September for the awards ceremony!


A Doctor A Day – “Love and Monsters”

Using the new Doctor Who Limited Edition Gift Set, your noble author will make his way through as much of the modern series as he can before the Christmas episode,The Snowmen.

If Lars von Trier had thought of it, it would have been one of the Five Obstructions.  Make a Doctor Who episode, but don’t use The Doctor. It rather limits the drama, doesn’t it?  far from it, it gives you a chance to do a story about friends and mystery, and…

by Russell T Davies
Directed by Dan Zeff

Elton Pope (Not that Elton, and not that Pope) is relating his adventures on his video blog.  He’s just met The Doctor, who was fighting an alien in a disused industrial building…as he does.  Elton begins to relate his history a bit – he remembers seeing The Doctor in his kitchen back with he was a toddler, as well.  He grew up rather normal and has a pleasant life, until a couple years ago when London started getting regularly attacked by aliens.  The Autons, the Slitheen, the Sycorax, all seen through his eyes.  He begins to search about the Internet, and finds a blog by a young woman named Ursula Blake, with recent photos of The Doctor, who looks no different than when he appears in Elton’s kitchen decades ago.

Ursula introduces Elton to a group of her friends, fellow Doctor-sighters and searchers, who meet regularly in the local library.  They all share the tidbits they’ve discovered about him throughout history.  After meeting for some time, Ursula suggests the club needs a name. Elton suggests “LInDA” – The London Investigation ‘n’ Detective Agency.  LInDA slowly become more of a social club than a tin-hat society, and the all become proper friends.  That is…until Mr. Victor Kennedy appeared. A strange man suffering from a skin complaint (Exceezma…like Eczema, but far worse).  He claims to have information about The Doctor, and shows them that they’ve lost their way in their investigations.  Kennedy has access to a staggering amount of information about the Doctor, including data from Torchwood. He hands out pictures of Rose Tyler, and sets LInDA off on the task to find her. And  in amongst the investigations…the members of LInDA are slowly going missing.

Friends are made, loves are lost, and a monsters stands revealed. Oh, and The Doctor shows up, eventually.

There’s been bits of humor in every episode, but this is the first episode that’s elbow-deep hilarious.  The episode was created by necessity – the BBC asked for a Christmas episode with this season, but didn’t add any time or much money to the budget.  So the producers were forced to find a way to force a fourteenth episode into the schedule, one that would have very little of The Doctor and Rose, as the actors simply wouldn’t have time to shoot another full episode.  So with a short sequence at the beginning, an appearance at the end, and photos and mentions all in between, you get a great bit of sleight of hand that feels like a full Doctor appearance.  The acting in the episode is wonderful as well, featuring British comedy star Peter Kay as the baddie, and Camille Coduri making a return as Jackie Tyler.

LInDA is a name Russell T Davies had made up for a earlier children’s show he’d written years back called “Why Don’t You?”,  The Absorbaloff was created by a child as part of a Blue Peter competition. Russell begged for one more alien for the alien, with the opening sequence, and they gave him one.  He even gave it a name – the Hoix.


Cover by Bobby Nash

Robert McIntyre from the A Bit Too Old For Comics? blog posted a fantastic review of New Pulp Author Bobby Nash’s novel, Evil Ways. You can read the full review here.

From the review:
“The whole story moves on at a cracking pace and no part of the plot is wasted no matter how trivial it may seems at the time of reading it, the whole book is littered with small clues throughout that take you on the same ride as the characters to the final conclusion of the book and what a conclusion it was.”

“I was hooked on the book from the first paragraph, and read the book in the space of a week which for me is a quick read; it’s also an indication for me on how good I think a book is if I read it that quickly.”

You can read the full review at http://toooldforcomics.blogspot.com/2012/11/evil-ways-by-bobby-nash.html.

For more information on Bobby Nash’s Evil Ways, visit www.bobbynash.com and http://BEN-Books.blogspot.com.



New Pulp Author Sean Taylor’s Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action Blog is planning a new award for bloggers called The BaGo Awards. Sean is currently looking for nominations so let him know your favorite blogs here.

Press Release:

We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the blog (first post was 11/27/11), and I wanted to do something special for it, but not for me — for all the other bloggers out there plugging away every day.

So here’s what I have in mind — The BaGo Awards (or the soon to be known simply as the BaGo). Send me your suggestions and I’ll present the best of the best blogs out there for and by writers. Here are a few of the categories I propose. What categories would you add? (not blogs yet… I’ll announce the call for those as soon as we get the categories hammered out.)

Best In Show Awards
For INDIVIDUAL writers who are primarily genre-specific who maintain a blog about their work in that genre and the genre itself.

Genres include:
Comics and Graphic Novels

Best in Craft Award
For the best instructional/inspirational resource blog to make writers better at their craft.

Most Beautiful Soul Award
For the best, personal blog from a writer who uses his or her platform to “bare the soul” as the cliche goes.

Best Group Blog Award
For those blogs maintained by a group of writers, whether focused on genres, news, interviews, reviews or a combination them.

Best in Reviews Award
For the best blog that focuses primarily on book reviews, can be be a writer blog or reader blog in this category.

Welcome to the Club Award for the best blog from a new writer first published within the past year

Any other suggestions?

Take care,

Sean Taylor
Official Taylorverse Website
Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action Blog

FIGHT CARD Announces Another New Pulpster on the Line Up!

Fight Card scores another main event by bringing New Pulp maven Tommy Hancock into the Fight Card Team.  Hancock will get his shot at a Fight Card title in early 2013, adding another exciting installment to the Fight Card canon.
Tommy is a writer, editor, publisher, podcast host, and audio voice actor, but beyond all those things he is first and foremost a fan.  Pulp, comics, movies, TV, old time radio, and new audio drama, Hancock is steeped in all sorts of pop culture up to the brim of his fedora. 
A partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, Hancock is also one of the leading figures in the organization of the New Pulp Movement.   Aside from Pro Se, Hancock is also an editor and writer for Moonstone Books, and editor for Kerlak Publishing as well as having written for Airship 27Age of AdventurePulpwork Press, and a few companies where work is still up coming. 
The founder and organizer of Pulp Ark, the Official New Pulp Convention, Hancock is also the founder, organizer, and one of the four hosts of PULPED! The Official New Pulp Podcast. 
His novel Fight Card: Fight River will be published in March 2013
Twitter: @IdeasLkBullets
Killing or Kissing the Muse — Writers on Finding Inspiration

Killing or Kissing the Muse — Writers on Finding Inspiration

New Pulp Author Sean Taylor’s Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action blog hosts a regular writers rountable. This week’s topic is Killing or Kissing the Muse — Writers on Finding Inspiration. Joining Sean this week is a writing who’s who on a subject we’re all passionate about. Read all about it here.

The muse.

As our ongoing metaphor for inspiration, she’s been the subject of many songs and stories, best portrayed I think in Neil Gaiman’s amazing comic Sandman. But I digress. Calliope (the muse of epic poetry) and her sisters have been made a virtue by some, a vice by others, and by others merely ignored as an urban legend for creators.

To find out how today’s hard-working writers feel about the muse and finding inspiration, particularly in today’s busy lifestyles where one is most likely a “writer and” — not merely having the luxury of just being a writer — we asked.

And some of New Pulp’s finest answered. Read what they had to say at http://seanhtaylor.blogspot.com/2012/09/killing-or-kissing-muse-writers-on.html


New Pulp author Jim Beard shared this press release with All Pulp.

May 29, 2012



The Official Sgt. Janus Spirit Blog is now active!

SGT. JANUS, SPIRIT-BREAKER author Jim Beard announces that the blog will not only reveal behind-the-scenes secrets about the crafting of the book in interviews with its creators, but will also feature both exclusive Sgt. Janus fiction in the form of “newspaper articles” from the Mount Airy Eagle and contests in future postings.

Check out the Official Sgt. Janus Spirit Blog today at http://sgtjanus.blogspot.com and get into the spirit of Sgt. Janus’ world of spectral happenings and supernatural adventures.

For more information on Airship 27 Productions, visit them on-line at www.airship27.com and www.gopulp.info.