Announcing Mix March Madness 2013 Seeding Round!

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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77 Responses

  1. Lee Cherolis says:

    Wondering which comic you’re referring to by Shifty Look since that site promotes like 20 different comics. Which one is getting the votes?

  2. welsh halfwit says:


  3. Lee Cherolis says:

    Chipped in $10, forgot to designate my votes! Is there an email I can contact?

  4. Glenn – Thanks for including OpinioNation! I retired ON in December & started a new strip on New Year’s called Distractionism. Cheers!

  5. someone says:

    I’m amused that you’re using “Tintin in Innsmouth” in the title of Broodhollow. Sorry, it was just a shorthand description of it. Tintin is not actually in the comic (there’s just some superficial similarity between Hergé’s hero and Wadsworth Zane, haunted encyclopedia salesman).

  6. Wait, what? No Whiteboard? What about the explosions? And paintballs? Also, Homestuck didn’t run away with it last year, why would it do so this year, Eric?

  7. Wait says:

    Why isn’t Vattu on the list? It’s in the directory linked last post.

  8. Doug Cole says:

    Where is “Holiday Wars?” It’s my favorite comic:

  9. Iam says:

    What, no Chronicles of a Drow Sorceress – ? One of the longest and most consistently-updated webcomics out there!

  10. zero says:

    where is MS Paint Adventures?!?!

  11. Wolftamer9 says:

    I’ve found a new comic already. I’m putting in a vote for Battlepug if it makes it to the next round. It looks like most of the comics I voted for are doing well. Ava’s Demon in particular is killing it, even more than Homestuck.

  12. Sessine says:

    Looks like you missed “Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic”:

  13. someone says:

    The link to Gynostar is broken (I wondered why it was a lone blue link in a sea of red): the protocol part is duplicated and there’s a superfluous colon before the archive.

  14. Magenta says:

    Hm, this list is missing a few comics I thought for sure I’d see. Blip, Hark, A Vagrant, and Sakana aren’t here.
    Sakana has a following pretty close to Todd Allison’s, so I’m especially surprised about that. How are comics chosen?

  15. Marscaleb says:

    Culture Shock, Brawl in the Family, Atomic Laundromat, The Wotch, Curtailed, Miamaska… So many great comics that aren’t on this list!

  16. I’m a bit biased. I would have loved to have seen Hominids on there, but Lackadaisy Cat still would get my vote.

  17. Simulated Eon says:

    No ?
    I would definitely vote for that one if it was in the list.

  18. georgie says:

    is that time of the year again

  19. technobeanie says:

    I would’ve liked to see Boumeries in there, it’s been running for two years.

  20. Fredcritter says:

    Can you add Too Much Information ( And, you know, start if off with one vote since I didn’t get a chance to do that this time…. ;) Thanks!

  21. Fredcritter says:

    Can you add Too Much Information ( I just discovered it a few weeks ago and now I’m totally hooked. AndyO! is one amazing storyteller.

    …and, you know, start if off with one vote since I didn’t get a chance to do that this time…. ;) Thanks!

  22. robin says:

    I’m kind of missing the wormworld saga
    but I’m seeing some nice ones I didn’t know about, thanks!

  23. wacko says:

    School Spirit may be the most overlooked PG-rated comic with 1,000+ strips. At least, that’s how it seems to me.

  24. RickJS says:

    It’s a crying shame that Nodwick isn’t on the list. Also PS238.

  25. Shell says:

    Is there some reason Untold Tales of Bigfoot, Tales of the Checkered Man and Yeti 4 Hire aren’t on the list? Those are fantastic comics!

  26. somebloke says:

    Few will vote for it, but I’d like to see Myst: Book of Atrus on here, if only so it can get more readers.

  27. DaveB says:

    Woo Grrl Power is on the list and I didn’t even nominate it myself. I feel a small amount of validation.

  28. Maya says:

    What about Kagerou, at

    An excellent webcomic~

  29. Jo says:

    Broodhollow is in the upper half of the list! You can do it, little comic.

  30. Moose says:

    Tarol Stephens (the author of Goblins) mentioned on his live stream that he would like for Goblins to be withdrawn from this contest. I believe this was just last week.

    I ask my fellow Goblins fans to honor Thunt’s wishes and not vote for Goblins in the nomination round. If you still want to show your support for the community, one of our longtime forum regulars (LoneStarNorth) has a terrific D&D 4e comic called Will Save World for Gold that could use your support. And of course be sure to read some of the other terrific comics that are sure to appear.
    In the event that Goblins remains in the contest, I ask only that all visitors to our forum try to be polite.


  31. Jez says:

    I’m so excited to see archipelago on the list. It’s my favorite comic to ever exist TuT

  32. maarvarq says:

    Leftover Soup? By Tailsteak of 1/0 fame, and as intelligent and unpredictable as one might expect from that creator, not to mention laugh-out-loud funny on a regular basis.

  33. kittenmuncher says:


  34. Kelsey Mulgrew says:


    • someone says:

      Don’t worry, I think Homestuck’s place in the Top 128 is secure even if you forgot to vote for it once or twice.

  35. Out of curiosity, why are certain titles in the result list in bold? There doesn’t seem to be any obvious pattern that I can see, and since my comic is one them apparently singled out, I’m curious as to why. :)

  36. jenn says:

    i’m kind of disappointed to not see Tripping Over You in the standings. ): perhaps next year!

  37. Mr. Average says:

    Wow – 6-Commando showed up! My comic is so rarefied I’m sure I’m quite surprised to see it. But hey, that’s still cool, man!


  38. Aisha Thani says:

    add !! >o</ come on. i always get left out of these things

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