Mix March Madness 2015 Webcomics Tournament Elite Eight!

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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20 Responses

  1. Larathiel says:

    Man, really trying to rush thru these last few rounds, huh? Not much chance for any of the artists to work on vote incentives…

    BTW, you’ve got the end date listed as April 30th, but below the DONATE button it still says that the polls close on Tuesday when it should say Thursday.

    • Larathiel says:

      Aaaand, I also noticed that the main page of the site is still linking to the Sweet 16 up by the banner. Guess it’s going to be another stealth start, huh? ;-)

  2. Jon says:

    Re: “Polls close 12 midnight, May 30th EDT … Again, voting ends at midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday Thursday night!”
    Don’t you mean April 30th, because May 30th does not fall on a Thursday.

  3. Melanie Stewart says:

    It’s annoying but once again ALL the amounts shown in the brackets are different from those in the Poll Maker results page:

    For instance you have here Girl Genius with 60 votes LESS (yes, FEWER votes) than in Poll Maker. The loss goes from 10 to 76 votes.

    Admittedly it has made no difference in the outcomes (so far), but it do makes you lose confidence in the system.

    Do you have any explanation, please?

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      We have to add the paid votes separately. The only think I can think of is if the polls aren’t closing properly and last minute votes are sneaking in. We’ll check into it.

      • Ash Blackwell says:

        It was in fact allowing votes to be tallied after Midnight EDT last night. There were a few folks that commented on it in both the Stand Still. Stay Silent and Shotgun Shuffle comments saying that it wasn’t known if the late votes would be counted in the final totals or not, but keep voting just in case.

        I know the young man in my store that I directed to the site at 1am MST this morning said his vote did get added (he checked the results on my machine before he voted on his phone just to make sure). He would be one of the votes for Girl Genius that didn’t get counted in the final total here, among other titles.

        • Melanie Stewart says:

          Thank you both and yes, I thought about that too, but what intrigue me is, if Poll Maker is the one doing the poll and Comic Mix supposedly is taking the numbers from them, then there is a single source of information and the totals should be equal, even if they failed to close in proper time.

          Ie, if the totals are not from Poll Maker, where they come from?

          • Pat says:

            I have been watching the votes after the scheduled end of votes, and I have seen the numbers continue to accrue. How are these turned off? By schedule or by just going in there and flipping a switch so to speak?

  4. Deepbluediver says:

    Did we ever get an explanation for why round 3 was dragged out for so long?

    • Ash Blackwell says:

      There had been an announcement during the long delay about the gentleman running this tournament having a family emergency. There never was a post commenting on if the emergency was resolved positively or not, but hopefully it has.

  5. JoJu says:

    I just donated a couple of $ via PayPal. Unfortunately I was to quick on the button, so the info which comic I’m donating/ voting for was left out. I have sent the missing info to comicmix mailbox. Hope those votes get added correctly to the total.

  6. Larathiel says:

    It’s after midnight ET, and votes are still getting tallied by the website. Are those going to be counted, or…?

  7. Pylgrim says:

    Really surprised of seeing El Goonish Shive make it so far. It was very popular around 12 years ago and then slowly faded from relevance. Good to see it picking up again. I gave it a vote even though I like Girl Genius more.