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Mix March Madness 2016 Webcomics Tournament Final Four!


Semifinal time! Elite Eight eliminations now leaves us with the Comicmix April Armageddon 2016 Webcomic Tournament’s Final Four. Left to battle it out in this free for all frenzy is Erfworld, The Whiteboard, Girl Genius, and Unsounded. Which one of these fabulous competitors will be joining the ranks of previous winners like Shotgun Shuffle (2015), Paranatural (2014), Bittersweet Candy Bowl (2013), and Gunnerkrigg Court (2012)? Will Erfworld become the first repeat winner in our history?

To insure your web-horse wins, in addition to your votes, we also take donation bribes. Donations to the Hero Initiative in Round 5 from people like you brought in $270 (!) We appreciate your passion for your favorites, and your desire to help comic creators!

Let’s take a look at the final contestants!


The 2013 Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament Winner Is…

ComicMixMarchMadnessSquare2013#7…well, actually, there are a bunch of winners.

Looking at out server logs, we see that thousands of people have looked at the hundreds of nominated comics– we’ve counted over eighty thousand outgoing clicks over the last month, which we hope have turned into hundreds of new readers for each strip. We’ve gotten reports of lots of people discovering new webcomics, and creators have been telling us of traffic spikes as people do archive runs.

Then there’s the big winner of the contest, the Hero Initiative. Thanks to you, you’ve raised almost $4000 dollars for the organization. To give you an idea of the voting, here are the not quite complete funds raised for each webcomic:

A Redtail’s Dream Total    $243.25
Ava’s Demon Total    $525.00
Badnik Total    $26.00
Bird Boy Total    $25.00
Bittersweet Candy Bowl Total    $1,075.00
Boumeries Total    $3.00
Commander Kitty Total    $171.00
Dominic Deegan Total    $20.00
Earthsong Total    $20.00
El Goonish Shive   $2.50
Girls with Slingshots Total    $11.00
Grrl Power Total    $154.00
Homestuck Total    $7.40
In His Likeness Total    $20.00
Inhuman Total    $7.00
LaSalle’s Legacy Total    $17.00
Little Guardians Total    $10.00
Modest Medusa Total    $23.00
Namesake Total    $3.00
Nerdoid Picture Diart Total    $6.00
NIMONA! Total    $0.50
Not a villain Total    $21.00
Paranatural Total    $11.10
Quantum Vibe   $2.50
Questionable Content Total    $51.00
Rusty & Company Total    $10.00
Sakana Total    $0.56
Sandra and Woo Total    $416.50
Scary Go Round Total    $1.00
Selkie Total    $10.00
Shadowbinders Total    $10.00
Simone and Ajax Total    $100.00
Snow by Night Total    $100.00
Table Titans Total    $1.00
Twokinds Total    $20.00
Unsounded Total    $118.00
Unsounded and Paranatural – divide it equally Total    $5.00
Weregeek Total    $30.00
Widdershins Total    $10.00
Will Save World for Gold Total    $26.00
XKCD $50.00

Again, we thank all of the fans who voted and donated.

But the final winner of the contest, the last strip standing… making up a huge deficit at the end with $648 to $105.50 in paid votes, making the final score 2238-1018… the winner of the 2013 Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament is Bittersweet Candy Bowl!

Ava’s Demon
Questionable Content
Ava’s Demon
Sandra and Woo
Sandra and Woo
Bittersweet Candy Bowl
 Bittersweet Candy Bowl 
Sandra and Woo
Girls With Slingshots
Bittersweet Candy Bowl
Bittersweet Candy Bowl
A Redtail’s Dream
A Redtail’s Dream
RomanticallY Apocalyptic

Congratulations to everyone who played along, thank you all for voting, and don’t forget to check back in a few weeks when we start to take nominations for May Mayhem— the 2013 NSFW Webcomics Tournament, benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

Here’s a quick look back at the brackets…

Bradbury Division

Ava’s Demon
Game 1
Will Save World For Gold
Ava’s Demon
Game 17
Game 2
Ava’s Demon
Game 25
The Oatmeal
The Oatmeal
Game 3
Three Panel Soul
The Oatmeal
Game 18
A Softer World
Ava’s Demon
Game 29
Grrl Power
A Softer World
Game 4
Order Of The Stick
Game 5
Red String