Michael Davis: Milestone Media Announces Static Shock is Gay

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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1 Response

  1. “Yeah, I had a student named Thor.”

    Did they pronounce it like Messers Heyerdahl and Johnson, or did he own it and come in with the blonde wig and a hammer?

    I look forward to the people who will try to spin this “reversal” as a case of homophobia. In the same way I expect the Romans looked forward to the Christians being thrown in the lion pit.

    Having no awareness of this bit of confusion, my first reaction to this bit of news was “Huh, that’s cool, but wouldn’t it have been better to say so back when the book was out?

    Moot point, yes, but there’s been quite a bit of that kind happening lately, and I’m rather glad it didn’t happen here.

    When JK Rowling announced after the books were all bought, read and enjoyed that Dumbledore was gay, my first reaction was “That would have been important information for gay readers to have back when they were reading it”. Because to find out that one of the main characters of a series of books you loved was gay would probably feel a lot better if you knew it WHILE you were reading it.

    I’ll lay odds I know damn well why it didn’t get mentioned while the books were coming out, assuming f course she didn’t simply decide it after the fact. She was already catching enough hell from the fundamentalists for being a book about witchcraft; imagine the frooferau if the main character, the head of a school, the one with such a close mentoring relationship with a young boy, was known to be gay.
    So instead she chose to reveal it after the fact, where the worst that could happen is a few people get angry for being “tricked” into reading about a gay guy, and heaven forfend, tricked into liking and ADMIRING a gay guy.

    There was a reaction somewhat similar when Raven Simone came out recently. Small-minded people announced that their childhood was ruined, or at least invalidated, as they had invested their love and other emotions into a stealth lesbian. First off, I had no idea That’s So Raven was that beloved a show for anyone, but considering the amount of love for Drake and Josh there is on tumblr, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Second, doesn’t her playing a girl so into boys make her a BETTER actress?

    In the case of Neil Patrick Harris, coming out while he was still a working actor was a cool move, hasn’t affected his ability to play an unrepentant horndog, and has pretty much made him more beloved on both side of the Thin Pink Line. But too often, people decide to come out long after they’ve made their money, after the threat of a drop in sales would have shown any true bravery.