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#SDCC: Overheard, Part 2

#SDCC: Overheard, Part 2

The concept that a comic book convention, which should be a wonderful
introduction for kids to the dazzling and varied world of comics
collecting–where a kid can meet and greet the creators he’s always
admired and ask questions and feel that much closer to the (to him)
magical process that brings super-hero adventures to him every month,
and perhaps even fantasize about a time when he’ll be on the other side
of that table, signing autographs or drawing sketches for kids that are
the age that he is right then–the concept that such a convention should
ever become a dangerous place, where young fans risk life and limb and
might be trampled by alleged “adults” trying to get a hundred copies of
the latest “hot” comic book signed so that they can tack on a few more
bucks to the selling price–

It is intolerable.


And we should not suffer it to continue.

Peter David, writing not about the stabbing in 2010, but about the Great Eastern Convention near-riot in 1993.

“Thanks, Comic Con. Show the Machete trailer after the stabbing. Very classy.” —Cole Abaius

“It was FREE, and I wanted it more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my entire LIFE.” –overheard by Scott McCloud in the last minutes of the con

“I’m sorry I was late. I’m rooming with six slave Leias and they
needed help with their bikinis.” –Bellechere, the Avatar Lady Death
model (Hat tip: Rich Johnston)

And the photo was brought to us by the ironically named FunnyOrDie.com.

Peter David shepherding ‘Twilight’ parody to highlight Stephenie Meyer’s copyright

potato_moonFor those who came in late:

"Lady Sybilla" announced the publication of her very own sequel to "Twilight" entitled “Russet Noon.” She claimed that Stephenie Meyer had no copyright protection to her work (very wrongly).

Peter David, writer of stuff, in an absolute state of whimsy*, decided that simply mockery wasn’t enough, and a long, sustained campaign of mockery is what was called for. So he decided to invite people to a gang-fang called "Potato Moon".

And as Peter’s long-time stooge friend, he roped me into creating the cover for all of this, to help set the tone.

The story starts on Friday. You’ve been warned.

* Note: "Whimsy" is the auctorial equivalent of the famous last words, "Hey, everybody, watch this!"

A little something for Peter David and Bob Greenberger

A little something for Peter David and Bob Greenberger

Due to wackiness at Google, the websites for Peter David and Bob Greenberger seem to have been delisted. We’re working on fixing it, and one of the best things we can do is to provide links to their sites so that Google knows they exist. So we’re doing our part.

If you have a web site, or a blog, or anything else like that, you can help by creating links yourself. The main link for Peter is http://www.peterdavid.net, and Bob’s is http://www.bobgreenberger.com. Even better, if you go deeper into their site and come up with a link to a particular article you like, that will help even more.

We’re off to I-Con 28

We’re on the road again this weekend, this time to I-Con 28, which is all over Suffolk Country this weekend (no, it’s not at Stony Brook Univeristy this year, major repairs going on, don’t ask) and various ComicMix folks will be out in force.

And many many more friendly folks– David Mack, Keith DeCandido, Peter David, Larry Hama, Jeness Crawford, Bob Rozakis, Greg Pak, Jane Yolen, Holly Black, the list goes on and on and on.

I-Con is home to one of the wider spectrums of fans, from anime to science and technology, and generally draws about six thousand people a year and is never the same from year to year. So if you’ve never been there, give it a shot. Tell them we sent you.

The latest on the Scans_Daily shutdown

The latest on the Scans_Daily shutdown

Well, this has been an entertaining weekend.

To recap: on Friday, the LiveJournal community scans_daily has been suspended for posting copyrighted material without the permission of copyright holders, which is against LiveJournal’s ToS.

Many people, looking for a focus to blame, have taken out their venom on Peter David, bombarding his site with comments, some supportive, some abusive, and pretty much chewing up computer cycles. This has required moving up a planned migration and upgrade to the site, and there’s nothing like doing an upgrade while a comment storm is going on.

(Incidentally, this person is one of the more obnoxious pinheads I’ve come across in a while, whose argument seems to distill to "I was rude to someone I stole things from, so he took back what I’d rightfully stolen, I think, and this makes him a bad man". I suspect this person felt that the three bears had no right to chase Goldilocks away, let alone eat her– especially since she didn’t like two-thirds of the porridge that she ate.)

Further commentary has been brought up by Johanna Draper Carlson and Gail Simone on the "you’re shutting down a free comics site! Bad!" side, Kevin Church and Lisa Fortuner on the "About bloody time" side, and Digital Strips’ Brigid Alverson giving equal time to both.

As for the scans_daily moderators, the best summation seems to be from schmevil. Stubbleupdate has offered to answer questions in an interview; I’ve already sent a list.


Live Journal Scans_Daily shut down

Live Journal Scans_Daily shut down

The message on Live Journal is very simple:


This journal has been suspended.

And with that, it’s gone and the comics community has changed.

And before anyone asks, no, Peter David isn’t responsible for drawing attention to the powers that be any more than Dirk Deppey is responsible for posting a link to it almost every day for years in a news publication. If you post enough stuff on there and you don’t own the copyright, your foot shall slide in due time; sooner or later you will get noticed and the hammer will fall.

Before you ask, yes, I posted stuff to scans_daily to promote The Original Johnson, because it’s a large community of readers. But ComicMix controls the rights to the book and used it for promotion.

I hope that scans_daily can reconstitute, but remember, to stay outside the law, you gotta be honest.

If any of the group administrators would like to contact us to comment or for an interview, please feel free.

ComicMix QuickPicks – January 8, 2009

ComicMix QuickPicks – January 8, 2009

Today’s installment of comic-related news items that wouldn’t generate a post of their own, but may be of interest…

* Heidi MacDonald checks in with comics pros for her annual year end survey: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. The big themes: recession, online comics, comic book movies– and how gangbuster movie sales don’t translate into gangbuster comic sales. (Disclaimer: I’m one of those people included.)

* Asylum Press, having offered free comics for anyone signing up for their online newsletter within the first twelve days of December, has extended their offer. Anyone who signs up at asylumpress@aol.com before Jan. 31 will receive three free comics.

* Brian Cronin says "Comic book writers appear to have more of a presence on the internet than comic book artists." As the webmaster for Peter David’s weblog and all the work I’ve done over here… no kidding.

* Uclick has revealed an all-new mobile Web application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch at the Macworld Conference & Expo event in San Francisco. By navigating to www.uclick.com on the iPhone and iPod touch, the Safari browser now displays the Uclick archive of 400,000 comic strips, single-panel comics and editorial cartoons. Currently the iPhone-optimized site features comic strips and single-panel cartoons, including Doonesbury, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Close to Home, and many more. Hat tip: Macworld UK.

* Top Shelf’s Leigh Walton and Comic Foundry’s Laura Hudson launched Cereblog, a dual critical analysis of every issue of Cerebus. In the same vein, Tom the Dog has been running weekly retrospectives of every appearance of GrimJack.

* And sadly, Cheryl Holdridge, one of the original "Mickey Mouse Club" Mouseketeers, died January 6th after a two-year battle with cancer. She was 64.

Anything else? Consider this an open thread.

ComicMix Radio: We Hit 300!

ComicMix Radio: We Hit 300!

We celebrate our Big 300th Broadcast with another run through the comics and DVD Buy Me lists, and then some news on the future of ComicMix Radio , plus:

  • Peter David explains how to add Fallen Angel trades to your gift list
  • William Katt on just what to expect in this week’s Greatest American Hero #1
  • Mark Henke promises more Golden Age Men of Mystery from AC Comics

After all of that, we bring ComicMix Radio to a close for a final time, but before you get too choked up we unveil our plans for a new piece of audio goodness that you will get to sample even before the holidays. We’ll tell you about The Point and how you should watch ComicMix for the first broadcast in just a few days!

Meanwhile, one for time – just Press the Button!


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‘Star Trek’ Beams Down from Comics to Apple Products

‘Star Trek’ Beams Down from Comics to Apple Products

The Original Crew of the Starship Enterprise is roaring to the iPhone and iPod touch from IDW Publishing and iVerse Media.  Available immediately, Star Trek Archives: The Best of Peter David #1 is the first issue of the ongoing digital comics series that reprints some of the best comics from Star Trek’s illustrious history. Peter David is one of the most popular and respected Star Trek writers, known for his mingling of humor and popular culture.
“We’re very excited that some of IDW’s Star Trek titles will now available for readers to download from itunes through the App Store. It’s a great way for fans to experience some of the best work in comics,” IDW’s Ted Adams said in a release.

This issue reprints Star Trek #13 (originally published by DC Comics) – "The Return of the Worthy: Part One" by cowriters Bill Mumy and Peter David, illustrated by Gordon Pucell and Arne Starr, and edited by yours truly.  The story stars the Original Series cast, and is set between the 5th and 6th Star Trek feature film, with some familair overtones.

"Star Trek Archives allows us to bring the universe of Star Trek to the iPhone and iPod touch for the first time", said Michael Murphey, owner of iVerse Media. "Through this series we can publish stories throughout the history of Trek, from TOS to TNG and beyond.  Being Trekkies ourselves, we couldn’t be more excited about that."

Star Trek Archives #1 is available now in the iTunes App Store for 99 cents.

ComicMix Radio: Peter David And His Stuff

ComicMix Radio: Peter David And His Stuff

The world of The Dark Tower isn’t the only location where Peter David leaves his mark. The Writer Of Stuff shares some insight on his Fallen Angel series, how The Skrulls ended up in She Hulk before Secret Invasion and why a Babylon 5 comic might not work, plus:

  • That other famous TV theme written by Neil Hefti
  • Wizard World Texas has game
  • Ready for Mad Men Jeopardy?

Get on with it and Press the Button!


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