ComicMix Radio: We Hit 300!

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3 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    ComicMix Radio is morphing into "The Point" a web radio and syndicated radio multi-media show. OK, I can accept that easier than the bulk of ComicMix columnist moving to Michael Davis World. Or ComicMix going a week without publishing any new comics! We're down to just two new ongoing titles, "The Original Johnson" and "The Pilgrim." What's the publishing schedule on those? Has "Black Ice" officially finished or did it just peter out? Why do we get so little news about ComicMix Comics on ComicMix News? Is that because there just isn't anybody writing press releases for ComicMix Comics anymore? Could someone do an interview with Mike Gold or Glenn Hauman on the future of ComicMix? What's planned for 2009? Something like that. Maybe Mike Raub could do that interview on "The Point"!I can see the reasoning behind spinning off "The Point." If "The Point" covers more than just comics, it can be syndicated on more web-sites and regular radio stations. Web sites get to add multi-media news content without having to shoulder the whole cost. Question: will ComicMix own "The Point"? Or will "The Point" own "The Point" and ComicMix syndicate it from them?Good luck to the Raubs as they set sail with a new Masthead on their stationary!

  2. Mike Raub says:

    Interesting theories, Russ, but let me set the record straight on a couple of them.First off, you are 100% correct on the reasons why The Point will cover a bit wider range of Pop Culture than did ComicMix Radio. However, you are a bit skewed on the "ownership" question. The Point is owned by my media company (MaLContent Media, LLC) and supplied to ComicMix.Com (as well as a growing list of other sites) by that company. At this point in time, I think I can safely say that ComicMix has no interest in any type of "syndication" of multimedia. Their plans are – and always have been – to provide a website with top notch original comic material and a slew of other interactive features that (while sadly delayed for whatever reasons) WILL knock your socks off when they hit. Thanks for the support & well wishes, Russ. Can't wait to hear what you think of all the changes!

  3. Russ Rogers says:

    My socks were knocked off when I first came to ComicMix about 10 months ago. They were knocked off by the range of topics and the insight of ComicMix columnists. They were were knocked off by the quality and quantity of Original Comics being presented on a near daily basis. They were knocked off by the breadth and depth of the News. They were were knocked off by innovative ideas, like ComicMix Radio and the best "Comics Reader" on the Internet.With the loss of the columnists… With the News looking more and more like regurgitation of press releases… With the loss of ComicMix Radio… (I know, it's not a loss; it's a reinvention!) With the publication of new comics dwindling in quantity to less than one a week… With the continued delay of ComicMix 3.0… It's sad. I'm saddened. Because I understand the direction that ComicMix wants to move. I realize the potential and promise of ComicMix. But I don't see it moving in that direction. Maybe this is my own Winter Blues talking. I shouldn't be this much of a pessimist. Again, I wish the best for ComicMix, MaLContent and The Point. Now, where did I put my socks?