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Big Two Head Honchos Together

Big Two Head Honchos Together

Snapped this photo yesterday afternoon:

Some interesting faces there, including Tom Brevoort, Mike Carlin, Peter David, Ivan Cohen, Steve Wacker and… wait a second…

Why, it’s DC Comics President+Publisher Paul Levitz and Marvel’s EIC Joe Quesada, mere feet away from each other. And they say the recent meetings involving Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are historic! (Yes, DC’s EIC Dan DiDio was there as well, and wound up sitting in the row in front of Quesada, but you’ll have to take my word for that as I don’t have a photo.) What could bring all these comics luminaries together? We’ll have the full report later today.

California dreamin’

California dreamin’

Winter may still have the northeast US in its icy grip this weekend as many NY-area sf aficionados take in Lunacon (see Glenn’s item below), but in southern California it’s as sunny as ever, and the warmth will be felt by fans and pros alike at WizardWorld LA, the first of this year’s four WizWorld conventions.

The con gets underway today, and special guests include Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner, Mark Silvestri, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley (doing that KISS Comics thang), plus there will be a number of actor-types on hand as you would expect given the venue (ooh, Lisa Loring looks lovely!) and plenty of comics creators like Peter David, Paul Jenkins, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palimiotti, David Mack, Todd Nauck, Tim Sale, Dwayne McDuffie, Bill Sienkiewicz, about half the Wildstorm studios folk.  Not a lot of female comic creators listed, I count only four, but I’m sure there are lots of uncredited folks attending.

One of those is the swellerific Brad Walker, who mentions on the members-only photo section of his MySpace that he’ll be there selling prints of a Superman he pencilled and his buddy Livesay inked.  Marv Wolfman will be on a few panels and will probably have copies of his new book Homeland: The Illustrated History of Israel (more about which here).  Len Wein has confirmed he’ll definitely be on hand tomorrow and most of Sunday.

As usual, Heidi MacDonald has all the WWLA press releases (scroll down to yesterday’s items), and ComicMix hopes to hear from our left coast moles this weekend as far as any breaking news, so stay tuned, and stay warm!

The ComicMix podcast is in the air!

The ComicMix podcast is in the air!

The first ComicMix podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!

A three-times weekly feature here at ComicMix, broadcaster Mike Raub has produced our initial 12 minute program featuring news, features and interviews. A new podcast will be available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — today’s podcast includes a look at new comics that are available at your friendly neighborhood comics shop, and this will be a feature of every Tuesday program. Thursday’s programs will feature reviews and Saturday’s will include full-length interviews.

Also featured in today’s podcast are salient mutterings from Peter David, The Beatles, and ComicMix’s editor-in-chief, and a nostalgic look at comics and popular culture that people were enjoying this week, back in 1963 and 1971.  All this plus updates on Indiana Jones and The Flash.

We encourage you all to participate in our fun and games. Contact us with any questions or comments and when we’ve got our ComicMix message boards up and running, join Mike and the ComicMix crew in our online dialog!

Dark Tower signing at Midtown Comics

It was late and below freezing, but when has that ever stopped real fans?

Well over a hundred people braved the elements to attend the midnight launch of The Dark Tower at the Times Square Midtown Comics, where writer Peter David and artist Jae Lee were on hand to sign copies.

Jae Lee and Peter David preparing to sign

Before midnight, Jae and Peter set up to sign– they were going to have to sign a lot of books. How many, you ask?



The Dark Tower: interview with Peter David

Dark Tower 1Peter David, writer of stuff, was able to take a few minutes between bowling, barfing babies, and boarding a plane to Maine to explain what’s germaine and urbane (and other words in the same vein) about the new Dark Tower series, going on sale tonight at midnight. Oddly, even though I’ve known Peter for over two decades and have been his webmaster for almost five years, this is the first time I’ve ever interviewed him…

Q. Assume I know nothing (always a fair assumption) about The Dark Tower. For those folks out there who’ve never read The Dark Tower or any other works by Stephen King, or just know his works from the movies, can you sum up what the heck’s going on here? What things do I need to know about the story that will make it accessible to me? Or will the comic be fully accessible to those who know nothing about The Dark Tower or even Stephen King?

A. You don’t really need to know anything about the series (well, aside from how to read) than anyone required when the very first Gunslinger novel was published. Basically, Dark Tower is a blend of fantasy and iconic western heroes, detailing the life’s story of Roland, the last of the Gunslingers of a long-ago city called Gilead, and the circumstances that forged him into the hero he eventually became.

Q. So this is more of a true dark fantasy than King’s usual horror?