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First Look At Adrianne Palacki As ‘Wonder Woman’

Adrianme Palacki as Wonder WomanEntertainment Weekly* has the first photo of Adrianne Palacki as Wonder Woman in the new NBC TV series being planned for the fall, produced by David E. Kelley.

The observant will note the great similarities to the new costume designed by Jim Lee and launched by J. Michael Straczynski when he took over the series last year. As I suspected at the time, the new costume was at least partially influenced by the desire of getting an actress into something other than a one-piece bikini.

Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes are also in the pilot cast. NBC’s upfront presentation is scheduled for May 16, so we’ll know by then if Wonder Woman will be picked up as a series.

  • No real surprise here, as EW is owned by DC’s corporate parent. I think they had the inside track on this one.
Jim Lee & Dan DiDio named co-publishers of DC Comics; Geoff Johns becomes Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment

Jim Lee & Dan DiDio named co-publishers of DC Comics; Geoff Johns becomes Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment

The search is over, and to paraphrase Dorothy Gale, if we ever go looking for our heart’s desire again, we won’t look any further than our own back yard.

Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment has named Dan DiDio and Jim Lee co-publishers of DC Comics, while Geoff Johns has been named to the new position of Chief Creative Officer. Patrick Caldon,
a long-time DC veteran, will serve as Executive Vice President, Finance
and Administration. The one new guy on the team is John Rood,
who has been named as Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and
Business Development. Rood was most recently a Senior VP of marketing at ABC
Family, but prior to that worked at WB in consumer products. All five of them will be reporting to DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson.

DC’s The Source blog has all the press releases and statements from the principals.

The dangling question: now that the who has been answered, how about the where? Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are West Coast boys. How much more of DC will being going west too? Will it be Jim Lee handling the left coast and Dan DiDio handling the right coast?

Stay tuned…

Meltzer and Friends Raise $117,222

Meltzer and Friends Raise $117,222

The four-week auction to raise $50,000 to fix up the exterior of Jerry Siegel’s boyhood home ended on Monday and raised a total of $110,772.  Additional funds were raised through t-shirt sales and general donations which brought in another $6450.  As a result, a total of $117,222 with more expected.

The most money earned by a single item during week four was $14,100 for a walk-on part during this season of NBC’s Heroes. At $14,101, the largest donation made for any time was the original commission from Jim Lee depicting the winner with the Man of Steel. The same bidder won both items.

Jefferson and Hattie Gray, currently occupying the house, will be the immediate beneficiaries as renovation work has already begun.  This past weekend, some 100 volunteers arrived to clean and paint.  Kimberly Avenue is scheduled to be renamed Jerry Siegel Lane while Amor Avenue, where Joe Shuster grew up, will be renamed Joe Shuster Lane.

The Siegel & Shuster Society will have first rights to purchase the home whenever the Grays are ready to sell.

Brad Meltzer, who used the death of Jerry’s father Mitchell to propel his latest novel, The Book of Lies, spearheaded the campaign.  He made a moving video to make people aware of the situation then called on friends throughout the comic book community to participate,  Not only did his efforts work, but many other creators contacted Meltzer to offer their wares.

And if you’re wondering, naming rights to a character in my 2009 Iron Man went for $512. Not bad.

SDCC: EW’s “Visionaries” Panel

When Entertainment Weekly assembles seven of the most powerful men (and woman) in all of comics, obviously some massive news bombs are going to get dropped.

“Yes, I read comic books in the bath,” Grant Morrison announced, shocking the assembled fans and setting the blogosphere ablaze.

Okay, so there was little in the way of truly newsworthy information disseminated by the esteemed panel of Jim Lee, John Cassaday, Matt Fraction, Mike Mignola, Robert Kirkman, Colleen Doran, and Grant Morrison. However, there’s something immensely satisfying about sharing an hour of time with some of the most creative individuals in the comic book world (and frankly, beyond). It’s the kind of panel that reminds a guy why he reads comics in the first place, because these guys work their hardest and embody the philosophy John Cassaday put forth, “There’ll be limitations in whatever you do, so you might as well go for it.”

Also, these people are really, really funny.

A topic that is nearly omnipresent at this year’s ‘Con, the specter of the film industry looming large over the conference, was addressed by the panel, with many attendees asking questions about the increasingly symbiotic relationship between film and comics.

“I see a lot of storytelling techniques in TV being effected by comics,” Lee commented, pointing out that the comic book has become so successful that mainstream has no choice but to adapt some of its devices. However, not everyone on the panel was as excited by the increasingly close relationship between comics and movies,

“I see people applying film rules to comic book visuals, let’s do the comic and then let someone else do the film,” Mike Mignola said, keenly aware of the difference between comics and film. Human quote machine Grant Morrison added, “Hollywood is more formulaic, comics allow you to break those rules.”

All of the panelists expressed some dread at the lure of comic to film adaptations limiting the ambitions of up-and-coming creators. However they all reasserted that this is a life they pursued not for money, but because its the only calling they ever felt, “I really can’t imagine doing anything else… everyone up here ha a compulsion,” Colleen Doran said.

Following the theme of creative expression, Jim Lee and newly minted partner at Image Comics Robert Kirkman were asked how that will effect their craft, “Once you’ve done all that stuff, it’s kind of hard to just go back to a table and just sit there drawing,” Lee said. Adding that there’s a liberation that comes with his executive status. As for Kirkman, “So far, it’s just making a few extra phone calls.”

Image Founders ‘United’ for Comic Series

It’s been a big week for Image, which started early on Comic-Con with the revelation that Robert Kirkman is joining the publisher as a partner.

Friday brought word that all the Image founders (minus Jim Lee) will be joining together on a six-issue miniseries called Image United. They’ll be providing art, while the story comes from Kirkman.

The artists are: Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Todd MacFarlane, Whilce Portacio, Jim Valentino and Marc Silvestri.

Comic Book Resources caught up with Kirkman, who explained a bit about the project (which scores an amazing 100 on the Probable-Delayometer):

It’ll be a six-issue series. It’s not going to focus on individual characters in the issues. It’s going to be an all-encompassing, grand, epic crossover featuring all the characters together – intermingling and working together and fighting together. It’s going to have the unprecedented art team of all the Image founders minus Jim Lee, and it’s going to have every creator drawing their own characters, so it’s going to be a hodge podge of different art on every page where all of the Savage Dragon figures are going to be drawn by Erik Larsen and all of the Youngblood characters are going to be drawn by Rob Liefeld. Every time Spawn appears, he’ll be drawn by Todd McFarlane and so on and so on. It’s going to be a unique reading experience, and we’re very excited about that.

Happy Birthday: Whilce Portacio

Happy Birthday: Whilce Portacio

Born in Sangley Point, Cavite City, Philippines in 1963, Whilce Portacio joined Marvel Comics as an inker in 1985 but soon began penciling for them as well. He worked on The Punisher, X-Factor, and The Uncanny X-Men before leaving in 1992 to found Image Comics with several other well-known comic book artists.

Portacio soon withdrew from the partnership but in 1994 he published his title Wetworks through Jim Lee’s Wildstorm imprint. In 2006 Portacio and Wildstorm began Wetworks, vol. 2—after the first six issues he stepped back from the interior art duties but continues to illustrate the covers.

Portacio has also been drawing the new DC series Batman Confidential. In October 2008 he will become the new artist on Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn.

‘DC Universe Online’ Wants To Be Your MySpace Friend

‘DC Universe Online’ Wants To Be Your MySpace Friend

Just last week, Jim Lee dropped some details on Sony Online Entertainment’s MMO videogame based on DC Comics. We made a wish that screenshots would be soon to follow.

Well, consider that wish granted!

This week’s batch of DC comics featured links to a MySpace page showcasing the first public images of the much-discussed game.

If you’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming PC and PlayStation 3 game, then head on over to www.myspace.com/dcuo for tons o’ details on DC Universe Online.

In addition to screenshots (which we’ve posted after the jump) the site also features developer interviews, Jim Lee concept art, wallpapers, and buddy icons. You might also want to add the social networking page to your Friends List because Sony is sponsoring contests for anyone who makes the game one of their "Top Friends."

But will DC Universe Online comment on my page about that time we got drunk and went to McDonald’s at 2:00 AM? Good times…. good times.


‘DC Universe Online’ Details Revealed

‘DC Universe Online’ Details Revealed

I would like to take credit for getting Sony’s DC Universe Online to move forward back when I posted about the job opening at the development house responsible for the game. I would like to imagine that a ComicMix reader swooped in and kicked the project into high gear. I would like that, indeed.

But the reality is that the upcoming PlayStation 3 and PC MMO game was coming along just fine without my help. As evidenced by Jim Lee talking the project up with U.K. publication Edge magazine. Since I don’t live in the U.K., we have to give the Eurogamer.net website thanks for posting the details for the rest of the world.

Superstar comic artist and DCUO executive creative director Jim Lee described the game as "kick-ass hybrid between a traditional MMO and a first-person action console game". Instead of stepping into the role of Batman or Wonder Woman, you’ll create your own hero that will interact with the DC superheroes. Imagine foiling a plot by Lex Luthor to kill Superman. Or finding Green Lantern’s lost power battery. Or you could be a villain and fight the Justice League.

As for "realms," in the vernacular of MMOs, expect to play in Metropolis or Gotham City. Other locations may be announced down the road.

Player-on-player combat will be limited to arenas but can evolve into boss battles. That works quite nicely with comic book traditions. Two heroes fight due to a misunderstanding, then team-up against a common foe.

Speaking of crossovers, expect some to occur between the game and the comics.

"We can tie-in future DC tentpole events and translate the stories for the gaming world, and have them occur simultaneously," said Lee. "The possibilities are numerous and very exciting."

What would be more exciting is if Sony Online Entertainment decides to release some images next month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Charity Art Auctions Around the ‘Net

UPDATE: Charity Art Auctions Around the ‘Net

Following up on yesterday’s post regarding industry-wide efforts to raise money for artist Gene Colan, Clifford Meth is putting together a massive, additional auction to benefit the creator and generate money for his rapidly growing medical bills.

So far, contributions have come in from (deeeeeep breath) Neal Adams, Norm Breyfogle, Randy Bowen, Ed Brubaker, Adam-Troy Castro, Paty Cockrum, Peter David, Rufus Dayglo, Tom DeFalco, J.M. deMatteis, Pat DiNizio, Harlan Ellison, Mark Evanier, Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, Joe Kubert, Erik Larsen, Bob Layton, Jim Lee, Stan Lee, Leah Moore, Albert Moy, Michael Netzer, Josh Olsen, James A. Owen, Tom Palmer, Greg Pak, Mike Pascale, Jim Salicrup, Bob Shreck, Dave Simmons, Gail Simone, Walter and Louise Simonson, Jim Starlin, Roy Thomas, Juan Torres, Andrew Wildman, Marv Wolfman and Ash Wood.  More will be coming in any minute, I’m sure — keep checking that link above.

Meanwhile, Gillian Anderson (a.k.a. Dana Scully from The X-Files) is raising funds for her neurofibromatosis charity by auctioning off “doodles” from celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Simon, Pegg, Dom DeLuise, Ellen DeGeneres, and the Monkees; as well as comics folks like Tom Tomorrow, Garry Trudeau, Neil Gaiman, Sergio Aragones, Seth Green, and Bill Mumy. The full list is here.

Oh, and the Gahan Wilson drawing pictured here is for the second auction– though I suppose it could be a Dracula for Colan, couldn’t it?

‘DC Universe Online’ Needs Senior Artist

‘DC Universe Online’ Needs Senior Artist

Comic book and videogame fans’ cyberspace dreams were crushed when Microsoft confirmed that the Marvel Universe Online videogame was canceled last year. The superhero-themed massively multiplayer online game, playable between computers and Xbox 360 consoles, could’ve been a serious contender to World of Warcraft. However, the developer is carrying on with that effort, sans Marvel license.

But don’t give up hope yet, fanboys. Evidence shows that Sony is still going forward with their planned DC Comics Universe Online MMO. This week, Rich Johnston noticed in his Lying in the Gutters column a Craigslist ad from Sony Online Entertainment looking for Senior Levels Artists to work on the game. Before you start assembling your resume so that you can work with game consultant Jim Lee, be aware that the position has some steep requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent development experience.
• 5+ years experience in game development using Maya and the Unreal Engine.
• Must have shipped at least two titles with heavy 3D content as a senior Artist with management responsibilities.

DC Comics Universe Online has been long in development with very few details released. It was announced for computers and the PlayStation 3 but it’s unknown if cross-platform play will be allowed. It’s not likely to come out any time soon, either, since no mention of the game was made at Sony’s recent 2008 media event in London last week.