Gene Colan’s Health Issues Prompt Industry Fundraising Efforts

Rick Marshall

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1 Response

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    Gene Colan is a genius. It's funny. It took this turn in his health and me going back to look at some interviews and retrospectives of his work for me to realize that Gene Colan is the reason I love Daredevil, not Frank Miller. Miller is great. His run on Daredevil was cool. But my love for the character had long been established by Colan. Some of my favorite Batman stories were drawn by Colan too!One of my favorite Gene Colan works is also one of his lesser known: "Ragamuffins." It was written by Don McGregor and published by Eclipse in the early 80s. The art in "Ragamuffins" is amazing. It was experimental in that it was just watercolors over Colan's pencils. They didn't ink it! You really get a sense of the subtlety and realism in Colan's work. This experiment was repeated (less successfully) by DC on the "Nathaniel Dusk" series. The subtleties of the pencils are in danger of being crushed by the printing process. How well would that process be reproduced on a computer screen? Hmm."Ragamuffins" is a series of short stories that deal with childhood incidents and show how those incidents affect the characters and become themes throughout their lives. I wonder how much the writing and art on "EZ Street" (here on ComicMix) was directly influenced by "Ragamuffins." "Ragamuffins" isn't a novel like "EZ Street." But the realism, the themes, the story structure and even the watercolors in "EZ Street" are very reminiscent of "Ragamuffins.""Ragamuffins" is a series that is worthy of being republished. Are you listening, ComicMix? It was presented in very short vignettes, perfect for ComicMix's publishing style and schedule! McGregor said that he had many more "Ragamuffins" stories that never got a chance to see print. In a perfect world, Gene Colan will recover fully; he would be able to re-unite with Don McGregor for another run of "Ragamuffins" stories; and I would get to read them all for free here on ComicMix. A fellow can dream.