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Jim Lee Can Be Heroes

Jim Lee Can Be Heroes

If you haven’t ordered your copy of the Heroes trade paperback collecting the first 34 chapters of NBC.com’s online comics and you happen to be a Jim Lee fan, you’re in luck. Jim’s got his own special version; yep, that’s the cover above.

Heroes –The Graphic Novel hits the stores November 7th. Heroes – The TeeVee Show is on the tube all the time, and is even available for download.

Isn’t that Saturn Girl up there on the right?

Rainy day shorts

Rainy day shorts

Some bits and bobs from here and there, as we try to get caught up on NYC-rainy-day reading:

CBR reports on Marvel EIC Joe Quesada’s classy gesture in asking that his name be removed from consideration for an Eagle Award, stating, "While incredibly flattering and an honor to be nominated, I feel that my name unjustly takes up a spot that should be taken by an editor who is doing hands-on editing. Doesn’t matter what company they work for, they would be worthier of a nomination than I as that is not what I do for a living."

Jim Lee posts a couple pages from upcoming All Star Batman and Robin issues to the Wildstorm blog, and catches fans up: "Here’s what I know…issues 5 and 6 are DONE. I’m knee deep in issue 7. Rather than come out with 5 when it was done, the decision was made to hold up issues and stockpile them so when they do start coming out, that there won’t be any holdup between issues."

I can’t say enough about Colleen Doran’s posting this month about financial literacy for freelancers.  She just posted a resource list complete with links.  Well worth bookmarking!

Heidi at the Beat draws our attention to a nifty article at AfterEllen.com on lesbian comics creators.

Eddie Campbell examines the art of courtroom sketching in a series of posts called "The Villains in my Home Town."  Here are parts 1, 2 and 3.

Lastly, Terry (Strangers in Paradise) Moore inspires 12- and 14-year-old sisters to put pencil to paper.