Joe Corallo: United Against Hysteria

Joe Corallo

Joe Corallo is a queer cisgender white guy who tries to keep his privilege in check while residing in Queens, NY. He's been an active participant in life for three decades, has been reading comics for over two of those decades, and has dabbled in writing comics for over half a decade. He's self published four issues of a cyberpunk comic titled Electronic, has work published in Geeks OUT Presents: Power Anthology, Margins Publishing's Our Hearts Still Beat zine, and Grayhaven's The Gathering: Music anthology. He's currently back at self publishing with a new series, Saturn's Call, alongside co-creator and illustrator Robby Barrett with issue #2 ready for release later this year. A couple of other projects are going on currently that can't be announced yet. Joe also contributes at Geeks OUT and [insertgeekhere].

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3 Responses

  1. Kurt Busiek says:

    >> Particularly with the portrayal of a trans sex worker being killed.>>

    Just to note: There is no portrayal of a trans sex worker being killed. There is a portrayal of a trans sex worker killing several violent transphobes in self-defense.

    Whether that’s acceptable is up to the individual reader, but it’s probably worth mentioning — the trans woman is one of the lead characters.

    • Joe Corallo says:

      Thank you for catching that error, Kurt! It’s been corrected.

    • Mike Gold says:

      I got used to people misremembering Chaykin’s work decades ago. If I had a dollar for each time somebody told (or wrote; pre-tweet) me that American Flagg! had on-panel sex, I’d have enough cash to bail out a squadron of sex workers. Howard came closer to that in Blackhawk, but again, no cigar (so to speak). Truth in advertising teams up with contractual obligation on this stuff: all of Howard’s work is labeled “Chaykin.” Buy the book, read the book but considering it a documentary on what goes on in his head at your own risk.