Box Office Democracy: Baby Driver

Arthur Martinez-Tebbel

Art Martinez-Tebbel is a writer/actor living in Los Angeles. For two years he saw the #1 movie in America every week and reviewed it for a project called Box Office Democracy. He can occasionally be seen doing improv comedy at a variety of independent venues. He is also a frequent guest at

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1 Response

  1. mike weber says:

    They make an interesting choice at the end, I like it and it isn’t standard.

    If you’re referring to what i think you might be, i got a kind of Crying Game vibe…

    Wright has expressed himself to be open to a sequel – he said that, in fact, the perfect first scene for a sequel would be one he had to cut from the film because it didn’t work where it was – leading into the armored car robbery (and the masks argument) … and scored with a Bonzo Dog (doo dah) Band song.

    I’ll go see the sequel just to see that scene.