Mike Gold: Bourne, On The Fourth Of July

Mike Gold

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8 Responses

  1. George Haberberger says:

    “We need a comic book industry with an attention span.”

    Well don’t look at me. I read your post all the way through.

  2. Glenn Hauman says:

    TL; DR.

    Seriously, isn\’t the entire point of a reboot is that people don\’t have an attention span? Otherwise, why would you need to retell the same story?

  3. Rene says:

    Movies and TV shows are marketed to a more general audience. Imagine if the only people to watch James Bond movies were the fanatics who own every DVD box set of James Bond ever released.

    You’d have traditionalists favoring retro James Bond movies aping a 1960s style. You’d have deconstructionists favoring an ultra-gritty James Bond that rapes women (that is actually not as removed from Ian Fleming’s original character, but that is neither here nor there). You’d have guys favoring a James Bond movie that is all about respecting the minutia of former movies and trying to make sense of widely different portrayals.

    All of them claiming that the only good James Bond story is the one told in the retro/gritty/continuity style.

  4. kumar says:

    this is a sequel not a reboot. sheesh. damon will most likely come in the next one

  5. JosephW says:

    I wouldn’t really consider Dr Who to be a “reboot.” The Davies-produced run, led off with Eccleston, followed by Tennant, was a DIRECT continuation from the previous 1963-89 series. There was no significant change to the Doctor’s continuity which would be necessary for a “reboot.” (Yes, several points were introduced–such as the apparent destruction of Gallifrey and the other Time Lords–but they weren’t erased from the Doctor’s history.)

    Now, Bond–I’ll agree was more of a reboot but ONLY with Daniel Craig’s taking on the role. The previous Bond films were all as much part of a continuity (well, with the exception of 1983’s “Never Say Never Again”). Although Eon Productions was responsible for Craig’s Bond films, the producers opted to “start from scratch,” effectively removing all the previous Bond films from the “series’ memory.”

    Simply changing actors doesn’t result in a “reboot” of a film series. There has to be a deliberate decision to start fresh with the whole history of the franchise. I don’t see the new Bourne film as a “reboot” either. The only thing I see this movie doing is ADDING to the Bourne legacy (no pun intended). The trailers make it clear that Jason Bourne was NOT the only superspy–now whether that is something new for the series’ mythos or not, I really don’t know but adding to an established mythos isn’t the same as “rebooting.”

    Now, I’ll agree that Batman and Spider-Man qualify as reboots since “Batman Begins” and (from what I can tell from the trailers as I haven’t had the chance to see the film yet) “Amazing Spider-Man” are starting fresh–and not just because of new actors. Bear in mind that the last Superman film was NOT a reboot since it didn’t start over again. (The upcoming Superman movie will likely be a reboot but Routh’s Superman was a “return” as it picked up from an existing continuity.)