Marc Alan Fishman

Marc Alan Fishman is a graphic designer, digital artist, writer, and most importantly a native born Chicagoan. When he's not making websites, drawing and writing for his indie company Unshaven Comics, or rooting for the Bears... he's a dedicated husband and father. When you're not enjoying his column here on ComicMix, feel free to catch his comic book reviews weekly at MichaelDavisWorld, and check out his books and cartoons at Unshaven Comics.

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4 Responses

  1. Jess Willey says:

    If you want a REALLY good Spider-Man story and relatively good starting (and stopping) point try Kraven’s Last Hunt. It’s a good intro to Peter, MJ and Kraven. It is so good that it has never been matched. Those issues about needless violence in comic book stories are actually addressed.

  2. Mike Gold says:

    I’ve been reading Spider-Man the better part of the past year — it took me that long to stop being annoyed at the retro-non-wedding nonsense — and I’ve been enjoying it muchly. Of course, you can’t help but stumble over Spidey throughout the rest of the Marvel line. No wonder Wolverine doesn’t like him.

    I’m sorry to report Jonathan Hickman is leaving both Fantastic Four titles at the end of the year. I’ve been enjoying his stuff quite a bit.