Sex In The City, by Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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29 Responses

  1. Michael Davis says:

    What? No comments? Vinnie did you go to that movie?? Alan, dude don't tell me you did to?? Russ, I thought we were boys now.Guys, Don't give in to the Dark Side!!!!

    • Adriane Nash says:

      Um, I want to see the movie, in fact I may go tonight. But then again I'm a girl.Michael- will you be in Chicago for Wizard World? I would have emailed you privately but I've managed to lose you email address (again)xoxA

      • Michael Davis says:

        Not sure about Wizard World I would love to be there but it al depends. Get my email from Mike dear.

  2. Tatiana says:

    I have to admit I will be watching the movie tonight too!

    • Michael Davis says:

      Tatiana,That's cool. But N E V E R talk to me about it, unless there's a asian chick and/or gun battle scene then feel free. But other than that…zip.

  3. Alan Coil says:

    Michael,I just moments ago read this. I'm thinking this is a good week to NOT be Michael Davis.And I won't be going to the theater to see this movie. I seldom see movies in the theater. I am lucky enough that the matinee price here in Smalltown, Michigan, is $5.75, but that still doesn't tempt me into the theater very often. Why should it? I can rent most movies for under $3 when they come out, and for $1 a year later.And I probably won't bother to see this movie at all. Doesn't interest me. I have no problem watching movies aimed at the other sex, though. I like good stories.

    • Michael Davis says:

      Alan,Truth be told when Sex And The City comes to cable I may have a drink (or 70) and watch it. That's how I saw Brokeback Mountain. I just happened to be channel surfing and came upon it. That was a very well done movie but not one that would have been on my list. That said I have made some major mistakes when it comes to the films I see in the theaters. I had no desire to see Galaxy Quest but when I saw it on video I watched it back to back 2 times. That is the only movie I have EVER done that with. The same happened with Iron Giant- the ads for that film just did nothing for me but when I saw it on Video…WOW!Who knows maybe there is something in the 'Sex' movie that will draw men in and I just don't know it yet. But the producers are not even trying to go after the men folk. I respect that-they know their core audience and that's good. BUT-man those trailers make me want to watch Rambo while drinking beer (which I hate) from a dirty glass.

  4. Russ Rogers says:

    I doubt that I will see "Sex in the City." I've never seen an entire episode of the TV Show. I always assumed the name, "Mr. Big," was a reference to his endowment. I didn't realize that he didn't have any other name on the show. By that token, you can call me, "Mr. Average with a Slight Bend to the Left."I'm more interested in seeing Iron Man and Indiana Jones. But the movie I saw most recently was "Nim's Island." I highly recommend it, especially if you have daughters. Alan, you can wait for the DVD, it should be out very soon.Tomorrow I have plans to see "Ice Age 2." My bank is doing a free screening of the movie (with free popcorn and pop) to promote their Kids Savers Club. They show a movie like this on the last Saturday of every month. Cool beans!And I'm very glad that you are feeling better.

    • Michael Davis says:

      Thanks Russ,…with a slight bend to the side? TMI! But funny.

    • Martha Thomases says:

      Iron Giant and Galaxy Quest are both fantastic, and the credits should have tipped you that they would at least be interesting. Same with Brokeback Mountain (also, it had sheep, making it extra interesting to the knitters in the audience). I won't see SATC this weekend because most of the shows are sold out. Maybe Tuesday afternoon. I liked the TV show okay, even though it was never my New York. Mr. Big's character was supposed to be based on Ron Galotti, and referred to his job as a big ad salesmen/publisher type at Conde Nast.

      • Michael Davis says:

        Some years back I was at my lawyer's house for a dinner party. She had SATC on and all the women at the party were glued in front of the TV. All the single guys were there also doing their level best to pretend they gave a hoot. I sat by myself in another part of the room when a real pretty lady sat by me. She asked why I did not join the party at the TV? I said because I was there for dinner not to watch a a group of women lose their minds over a TV show and a group of men trying to use that to their advantage to get some action. She asked me what I would like a to watch instead I said the Playboy channel. She then tried her best to tell me all about the characters and what the show means. This went on for 20 mins or so, then she asked if I would give the show a try, so I can get in touch with my female side. I said I do that by touching a female. She called me a sexist pig and walked away. This is a very long winded way for me to say I don't care what Big did for a living. I don't care what anybody on that show does. That show does a VERY GOOD job of reaching their core audience. I'm nowhere near who they want looking at that show and I respect that. My issue is why (not you) do some women want men to share stuff like this with them. I would never say to a lady " Hey-Come on over and let's watch some porn. No, really it will help you get in touch with your man side." Or how about this, " Hey play GTA 4 with me. IT will help you get in touch with your other men side." Men don't care if you ever pick up a controller. So why do some women try their damnest to get us to share in something we don't want to?Your NYC point is a good one. From the bits and pieces that I have seen of the show and how they depict NYC I can say it looks like a uppity little club that would never have me for a member. Those trendy little bars and 'hip' places make me want to pimp slap Carrie with a pair of Jimmy chew's or whatever the name of that shoe is.

        • Martha Thomases says:

          Did you know Julie Rottenburg at DC? She was a writer on the show, and before she did that, she worked for Karen Berger. So imagine if Wonder Woman was written like SATC.My biggest problem with the show was the emphasis on the money and the stuff. The only guys they could consider to be hot had to have money, which is not my experience. And the clothes were stupid. Entertaining, but stupid.

          • Michael Davis says:

            You hit the nail RIGHT on the head with 'the money and stuff' comment. What I will say I liked about the show is the girls did not look like Super Models. Good casting, I'll give it that.

          • Rick Taylor says:

            Julie wrote some really great episodes of the show. Some of the most thought-provoking stuff in a series that was essentially based on fluff.

        • Alan Coil says:

          My ex wanted me to watch X-Files with her. I didn't care for the show, even after watching several episodes. I've been reading comics and horror magazines, and watching horror films all my life. I found X-Files boring. And Gillian Anderson does nothing for me. I like brunette's, about 5'6" or taller, with a little meat on their bones. Fragile women are not for me.

    • Mike Gold says:

      I thought Mr. Big was a tribute to Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  5. Shane Kelly says:

    Well, it sounds like you didn't like the new Indiana Jones movie, that is something I would like to hear your take on. So, in order to improve that film and encompass the movie you spoke about earlier, I would like to present to you…Coming Soon…In May 2010…Harrison Ford…Sara Jessica Parker…in…Indiana Jones and Sex in the Temple of the City!Imagine Indy, while researching the correlation and origins of the Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah, discovers that there is a "Top Secret" artifact that was hidden many centuries ago, that will provide the answer. This journey takes him around the world, during which he has many adventures, that include narrowly escaping from Nazis, and Jihadists. During all this, he meets a writer named Carrie, who has heard all about "The Box" and thinks she knows how to manipulate it open. So, she helps guide him along the way missing nary an opportunity to shop for foreign clothes, designer jewelry, and chronicling their journey and travails.He doesn't know why he is strangely attracted to her, all he knows is that he is. So, naturally he begins to fall in love with her, and she with him. Only to discover that the artifact they were searching for is kept under lock and key in a small unmarked Synagogue in the heart of New York. While on the airplane back to the states, Indy decides to "pop the question" to Carrie. Instead of being overjoyed, and happy Carrie begins sobbing uncontrollably. When asked what's wrong she tells him, that she can't marry him because he isn't Jewish. Which leads to them talking deeply about their feelings and agreeing that they cannot be together, even though they want to.Back in the states, Indy and Carrie make their way to the unmarked Synagogue in a taxi (we see their trip all across New York via city map with red lines covering their trek until it stops and a red dot segues into them exiting the cab). They enter the temple through a secret passage that takes them through the sewers and back alleys, avoiding death traps, and hobos asking for change. Ultimately, they reach the inner workings of the temple and find "The Box" that will unlock the secrets they seek. Before they get a chance to grab it…Flood Lights come on and they are briefly blinded and hear the cocking of guns all around them. Entering their vision now stands Baroness Paula von Gunther who gives the traditional villain speech as to why they aren't worthy of entering the sanctum of "The Box" as she introduces her cohorts Dr. Psycho, and Villainy Incorporated. Things look grim for Indy and Carrie, until…Crashing in from the glass ceiling is Wonder Woman, and over her shoulder is Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (Indy's father, and Sean Connery's return to the silver screen). Wonder Woman, the Jones boys, and Carrie dispatch the villains in a timely fashion. Introductions are made, and afterward…While receiving verbal barbs from his father about his patience, and lack of faith in him and "his friend" Wonder Woman, and how he saved his bacon yet again. He tells his father to shut up , and he asks Carrie to join him as he goes to the box, so they can inspect it together, since Carrie obviously knows how it to open it and knows how it works best. Before she opens "The Box", they look at each other, and say (at the same time) "I love you". They laugh and kiss…Then once Carrie opens it, Indy drops to his knee and again asks her to marry him. She begins to cry again and repeat that they can't get married, because he isn't Jewish, and it would go against her parents wishes. Suddenly, Dr. Jones Sr. bellows with laughter, loud, hearty, Sean Connery laughter. Indy and Carrie (who are in tears) are both pissed thinking he is laughing at them. As Indy is about ready to punch his father in the nose, he says…"First you name yourself after the dog…Then you stubbornly forged your own path disowning your old man in the process…Now, you're about to blow the biggest deal of your life…(he turns to Carrie)…Carrie, I know that you and I just met, but, I can see the love between you two. It reminds me of the love I had with my wife before she passed…(turning back to Indy)…You dummy…You are an archeologist, professor, scholar, and pretty much anything you have ever wanted to be. You'd think that you would have researched your own family first, before anything else…" Confused, Indy asks "What are you talking about you senile old man?". His father laughs again, and says to both of them…"You ARE Jewish, you dolt!!! We just never practiced religion in the house." At that moment Indy and Carrie run to each other and kiss passionately as she accepts his proposal. Dr. Jones Sr. smiles and winks at Wonder Woman. Carrie then asks when they should do it, and Wonder Woman intervenes saying, "You could do it now if you wish, I am an ordained Rabbi". They decide that now is as good a time as any, and take their vows as we fade to black.How is that for an idea Mike? What do you think?

    • Michael Davis says:

      DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB. Or turn it into a reality show and give Fox a call.You silly jerk you!

    • Mike Gold says:

      Ummm… I think that's Indiana Jones and Sex AND the Temple of the City!

      • Shane Kelly says:

        Mr. Gold, if the title of the movie is the only editorial mandate, I'll take it…Let's get Lucas on the phone and get started.

        • Mike Gold says:

          I've never seen SATC, but I've got to believe its storytelling, at its worse, is far superior than most of what we've seen from Mr. Lucas the past 25 years.

  6. Shane Kelly says:

    Well, you gotta admit, it definitely touches all the bases.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      I loved your film treatment. I tend to enjoy comments that are longer than the original article! But, I think "Crystal Skull" establishes that Dr. Henry Jones is dead. Is this a continuity problem? Probably not. You say he enters with Wonder Woman. That means this takes place in the DC Universe. Well, nobody stays DC-dead for long.

      • Shane Kelly says:

        Thank you for your kind review of my "film" Russ. I like to have fun with ideas. As for "Crystal Skull", I didn't know that Dr. Jones was pronounced dead. I haven't seen the movie yet, (waiting for Mike's review and all, you know, the whole rental or theater thing) but, you are right. It shouldn't be that much of a problem with how things happen in the DC Universe. I am totally on board with that. Why can't dead, just stay dead? Hey…maybe Dr. Jones was possessed by Parallax and attacked Themyscira while searching for the "Lost Tribe of the Amazons" and killed during his onslaught, only to be resurrected once Parallax is purged. The Amazons nurse him back to health which is how he met Wonder Woman and………….Ok, I gotta stop. If I don't, I will have plotted out a whole series of prequels and sequels for a bastardized, nonexistent franchise. But, boy oh boy, do I have a few doozies running through my head.

  7. R. Maheras says:

    Some people like, say, scrapbooking, birding, getting tatoos, arena football, professional wrestling or collecting stamps.OK, fine. Whatever floats your boat. We all have different tastes, and that's cool. Some people like films like, say, "Barry Lyndon," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (either one), "Dune," "King Kong" (1976), "Flash Gordon" (1980), "The Matrix Reloaded," and "Speed Racer."Hey, no problem. Different strokes for different folks.Others enjoy shows like "The Bachelor," "Lost," and "Sex in the City."No problem. Variety is the spice of life, so they say.But in that last category, despite many, many efforts to try and get through one whole episode of any of those shows, I've never succeeded. Something, at some point, just switched off my interest, and I just had to flip the channel. Either that, or the shows became painful for me to watch.That said, despite the fact that I go to the movies with my wife almost every weekend, we won't be seeing "Sex in the City." We might have, if she had really wanted to see it, but thankfully, she's just as blase about the TV series as I am. We opted to see "In Bruges" instead (great film, by the way — at least in MY opinion).