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FX producing ‘Powers’ pilot

FX producing ‘Powers’ pilot

Powers (comics)

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FX has ordered a pilot episode for a series based on Powers, the comic series from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

The network’s SVP of public relations made the announcement yesterday on Twitter. Bendis himself twittered:

Powers pilot was just greenlit by FX! it’s official! your window of reading Powers while it was still cool is running out :)

The potential series is a co-production between FX Productions and Sony, and the pilot episode will be scripted by Charles Eglee, who has bonafides in both mysteries and cop shows (executive producer of The Shield and Dexter and the creator of Murder One) and comics and SF (exec producer of The Walking Dead and creator of Dark Angel).

Powers follows a pair of detectives as they investigate a number of murders in a superpowered world. The creator-owned series was launched by Image Comics in 2000, before moving over to Marvel’s Icon imprint in 2004. A television series has been rumored for years, and was known to be Eglee’s next project after leaving The Walking Dead months ago.

Bendis writes too much stuff for Marvel to list, while Oeming is known for Hammer Of The Gods with Mark Wheatley for ComicMix, as well as Mice Templar, Thor, Alpha Flight, Bluntman and Chronic, Hellboy, Catwoman, and Quixote. Congrats to both of them.

Playing with Toy Fair 2011: Recap, Part II

I wanted to show off some of the other cool Minimates that Diamond Comics Distributors had at their booth, but as is often the case with trade shows, photos were not permitted yet.

Something of note at JAKKS Pacific was a considerable line of goodies from the Dreamworks movie, “Real Steel.”

A 5″ line of figures will have interchangeable limbs and light up heads & bodies for customization. A larger 7.5″ line will have signature moves from the movie, but there’s gonna be something even more dear to the hearts of a lot of geeks – a variation (and a necessary one at that) on the childhood favorite, “Rock’em Sock’em Robots” (note to younger readers: ask your folks about this. It’s really cool. trust me).

DC Direct had some very well made busts & figures from the upcoming “Green Lantern” movie:

But the thing I was most looking forward to was goodies to “Batman: Arkham City,” the video game sequel to the 2009 hit game “Batman: Arkham Asylum.” So far, only one figure had been shown off, and it’s a doozy.

Harley Quinn keeps getting nuttier and nuttier. And that’s a good thing.

Mezco Toyz showed off a 6″ Scott Pilgrim figure from the movie and fan fave graphic novel series. Hopefully more figures will be coming.

I love that “Little Big Planet” brings a lot of user-creativity into video games, and to celebrate that, Mezco showed off their second wave of “Little Big Planet” action figures.

McFarlane Toys never fails to impress, and they had a couple of great highlights including this guy

Now Bungie may have left Microsoft, but that does not mean that “Halo” is dead. Far from it. More video games are being planned, and one can only hope that a movie might actually happen.

McFarlane Toys also had shown off figures from “The Walking Dead.” Take a look at these two guys.

Now note that “Officer Rick Grimes” doesn’t look like Andrew Lincoln, the actor who portrays him in the AMC TV series. There’s a reason for that. McFarlane Toys’ goodies for “The Walking Dead” is both for the Robert Kirkman graphic novel series as well as for the AMC TV series. This can create some issues as one of the figures in the first wave “may” actually appear in the 2nd season of the TV series (“Daryl Dixon,” everybody’s favorite crossbow-wielding hillbilly, will be in the second wave of action figures).

That’s it for now. In the third part, I’ll talk about some of the stuff I was unable to see as well as what I consider to be the coolest toy at Toy Fair 2011.

ComicMix Six: Who You Want On Your Side When Zombies Attack

ComicMix Six: Who You Want On Your Side When Zombies Attack

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching and reading
enough stuff about zombies, it’s that you need a good bunch of guys with you
when the crap hits the fan. Guys who will last. Guys who know how to handle

So in light of The Walking Dead marathon on AMC today leading up to the season finale, these are the guys I want with me when Hell is full up, and
the dead walk the earth.

    Zombies love munching on flesh, but what if you put them up
    against a guy who’s made of sand? What the Hell are they gonna bite into? While
    sensitive to moisture, he can turn his body into glass. That’s gotta come in
    handy in close quarters. Flint is super strong and can take on crowds and send
    them reeling with a giant sledgehammer fist.

A veteran of many armed conflicts, this iconic video game
character has proven himself to be a top covert operations and infiltration
operator. He is a master with melee weapons, hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and
high explosives. Snake is one of the best guys to go to when you have to take
out a zombie quietly.

Everyone’s favorite anarchist may not be the first guy you’d
want to get mail from, but he’s proven that he can live off the grid. When
electricity and running water are unavailable, knowing how to live and survive
become the same thing. He’s also pretty good at making dandy booby traps, so
that can come in handy with setting up a camp perimeter better than empty cans
on string.


The Point Radio: Celebrate With THE WALKING DEAD

The Point Radio: Celebrate With THE WALKING DEAD

No one is more surprised (or pleased) at the success of THE WALKING DEAD than the cast of the series. They share their thoughts with us including how they avoid the internet “reviews”, plus the cast of HUMAN TARGET talk about how the show is drifting farther from its comic roots.

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Zombies Avoid Federal Trial, Get Paid $165,000

Zombies Avoid Federal Trial, Get Paid $165,000

As we reported back in March, a group of Minneapolis zombies sued after having been arrested during a peaceful protest in 2006.  Though they had never been charged with a crime, they were detained for two days, and police claimed that their sound equipment was thought to be “weapons of mass destruction.” The Zombies’ (actually a group of seven people protesting mindless consumerism) original lawsuit was dismissed, but their request to appeal was granted in February.

On Friday, August 20th, the Minneapolis City Council agreed to settle out of court by paying $165,000 to the zombies. If the case had gone to trial, the group could have stood to receive $350,000 plus legal fees.

Apparently, Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal feels that juries would be sympathetic to the walking dead (or might use gavels to defeat them…). She did not apologize for the actions of the Minneapolis police who arrested the group of zombies at the 2006 Aquatennial, but stated “We believe the police acted reasonably, but you never know what a jury is going to do with a case.”

Zombies continue to be a pop-culture phenomenon, and their popularity continues to grow. In addition to the upcoming AMC show Walking Dead (based on the comic of the same name) and the next installment in the Resident Evil movie series, Resident Evil: Afterlife set to hit theaters in 3-D September 10th, there are countless podcasts, blogs, and fan sites devoted to our culture’s obsession with the shambling hordes of undead.


#SDCC: AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

#SDCC: AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

I would have expected this panel to take place on Sunday, when everybody at Comic-Con is part of the walking dead. But no matter.

AMC has been here in force pushing the adaptation of The Walking Dead, the Image
comic book series created and written by Robert Kirkman, premiering in
October on AMC. Cast members Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Jon Bernthal (The
), Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), Laurie Holden (The Mist), and Emma
Bell (Law & Order) joined series creator/director/executive producer Frank
Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile), executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (The
), makeup artist Greg Nicotero, and Joel Stillerman (AMC’s senior
) joined Kirkman to discuss the making of the series and to show an exclusive
sneak preview– albeit one toned down a bit from the actual series, because as Hurd explained, this is a family convention. (Maybe that’s why the panel isn’t Sunday. Could you imagine holding this on Kid’s Day?)

ComicVine and DigitalSpy were both liveblogging (or should that be deadblogging?) the panel, including the reveals of new actors and the music composer.

The reaction to the preview was about what you’d expect from the topic matter, equal parts enthusiasm and horror. We’ll add the video as soon as we get it.

(Photo by dblackanese.)

The Point Radio: ‘Planet Hulk” Red Carpet With The Stars

The Point Radio: ‘Planet Hulk” Red Carpet With The Stars

Marvel ran a bi-coastal premiere of their newest direct-to-DVD feature, PLANET HULK and we were there, talking with creator Greg Pak and Editor In Chief Joe Quesada about where the company is headed in the animated market. Plus more LOST teasers, TWILIGHT breaks some new records and WALKING DEAD gets a “GO”!

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Baltimore: Bendis Vs. Kirkman

Baltimore: Bendis Vs. Kirkman

Over a month ago, Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Walking Dead) posted a video mission statement on the idea that many who work at DC and Marvel are there because they do not realize that creator-owned books can provide a stable living with healthy profit and that such titles are the way to enhance the industy.

Brian Michael Bendis immediately responded by saying that things weren’t that easy and that it was irresponsible to tell people that, speaking as a man who works on many Marvel titles and has had success with his creator-owned Powers series.

The two sides of the argument have been tackled, discussed and disected across the board on message boards, in comic stores, in bars, possibly even in secret lairs hidden beneath wealthy manors.

And so, at Baltimore Comic-Con, Bendis and Kirkman met to continue their debate and elaborate on their points before an interested audience.


Things That Make Your Eyeballs Go Huh?

Things That Make Your Eyeballs Go Huh?

Three words you never expected to see all at once: KISS. yaoi. manga.  Our illustration today is, I’m afraid, only the beginning… [via Journalista!]

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog not only reviews a bunch of new comics, but also has a picture of Jughead with a jetpack.

Speaking of Jugheads, the Joplin Independent is in love with Archie’s Double Digest #5.

Greg Hatcher of Comics Should Be Good admits to loving Stan Lee’s Who Wants To Be a Superhero? despite the fact that it’s completely insane.

Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review has been on a Walking Dead kick – he’s just reviewed (and loved) volumes two through four.

Historical fantasy author Alice Borchardt has died at the age of 67; she turned to writing as a second career after working in nursing for thirty years. Borchardt was also the older sister of Anne Rice.

SF Scope analyzes the story choices in Gardner Dozois’s latest Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology.


FCBD: Robert Kirkman in NYC`

Free Comic Book Day started with a bang at Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York City last night – or was it a howl?  Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Marvel Zombies, The Walking Dead) was on hand to launch his new book The Astounding Wolf-Man.  The signing is the first of a series of five appearances across the country this weekend to promote the new book.  “If giving the book away for free doesn’t work, I don’t know what will,” said Kirkman.

Kirkman described his new book as “An action-packed superhero romp.” The crowd that packed the aisles of Jim Hanley’s Universe were certainly eager to pick up the premier issue.  Now that he has a book on zombies and a book on werewolves Kirkman said, “I think I’d like to do mummies.”

With comic book properties especially hot right now Invincible has been optioned by Paramount.  “I’m working on a draft of the screenplay right now.  There’s no casting yet.  No director either,” said Kirkman.  For those with more of a zombie jones Kirkman said, ”There’s interest in a The Walking Dead movie.  My agent is listening to offers all the time.  We’re waiting for the right one to come along.”

We asked him why he thought zombies were so hot these days.  “People like zombie comics when they’re afraid.  The last surge in popularity of zombie comics was at the height of the Cold War.  Now the war on terror has the same atmosphere.  The media is full of fear,” said Kirkman.

As for what’s next, “The Walking Dead and Invincible are both going strong towards issue 50, that’s pretty exciting.  Marvel Zombies 2 is also about to get going,” said Kirkman.