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The Rocket Rangers Need You!

Cubicle 7 Entertainment has released a teaser image for their upcoming game, The Rocket Rangers.

“It’s an alternate history pulpy retro-sci-fi space opera planetary romance. It’s throttled up rocket packs burning radium on the long blast to the farthest reaches of the Solar System. It’s hunting thunder lizards in the upland jungles of Venus. It’s battling Ancient Martian killing machines piloted by the Deutsche Marserkorps across the baking red deserts of Mars. It’s exploring the deadly skies of Jupiter under the constant threat of Europan disintegration. It’s RAY gun wielding heroes bulls-eyeing mutants in the blasted ruins of Io” -Ken Spencer, Rocket Age Line Developer

Stay tuned.

About Cubicle 7 Entertainment:
Cubicle 7 Entertainment are the creators of high quality roleplaying and card games such as The Doctor Who Card Game, The One Ring, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Primeval, The Laundry, Victoriana and Cthulhu Britannica.

Learn more here.

Pkanetary Stories Launches New Issues

Cover: Jim Garrison

New Pulp publisher Planetary Stories released their 28th free on-line issue. You can find it here.

This issue features new Planetary Stories authors, including “Incident on Titus Thirteen,” a great mix of Space Opera, action and humor, by J Eckert Lytle and “Krax Delivered“, action-packed
Space Opera by Joel Zartman. Plus tons more!

Go to www.planetarystories.com/PS28.htm for more.

Writers, Planetary Stories is hosting a flash fiction contest!
They are paying pro rates for stories.
Get more details here.

The Buck Starts Here!

Cover Art: Howard Chaykin
Art: Howard Chaykin

Hermes Press has released the first cover for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, a four-issue mini-series written and drawn by Howard Chaykin premiering August 2013.

Here’s how Hermes Press describes the book:

“Before Star Trek and Star Wars, Buck Rogers captivated audiences around the world and made science fiction a national obsession. Now, over 80 years after the creation of the newspaper strip that became a household word, Howard Chaykin has returned the character and his universe back to basics: Buck Rogers, former World War I ace is accidentally suspended in time only to awaken to a new and different earth, 500 years in the future, fragmented by war and ruled by an omnipotent force — the Chinese. Now, Buck along with Colonel Wilma Deering, begin a new fight, to free the United States!”


New Pulp Author Van Allen Plexico’s latest novel is the first in a series of Military Science Fiction New Pulp Space Opera adventure novels called The Shattering, published by White Rocket Books.

Press Release – For Immediate Release

THE SHATTERING: LORDS OF FIRE Arrives in Trade Paperback!

Plexico Brings Military SF/Space Opera to the world of New Pulp!

(January 28, 2013)  White Rocket Books proudly announces the release in trade paperback format of Van Allen Plexico’s THE SHATTERING, LEGION I: LORDS OF FIRE!

Stripped of his authority by the Emperor of Mankind and assigned to duty in deepest space for failing to prevent the greatest robbery in history, former Colonel Ezekial Tamerlane believes his career as a soldier is over.  But strange forces are at work, urging the Emperor to set out on a journey fraught with dangers into a nightmare realm a universe away from our own; and Tamerlane, like it or not, is going along for the ride.  What he and his high-tech super-soldiers find along the way will shake the Empire to its very foundations, and unleash a crisis of galactic proportions that not all the armies in creation can hold back…

“Plexico is the master of space opera.” –Pulp Fiction Reviews

LORDS OF FIRE begins a new galaxy-shattering adventure from the author of HAWK: HAND OF THE MACHINE and LUCIAN: DARK GOD’S HOMECOMING, and bridges the divide between those two novels and universes.  Here we see the fallout from the war of the gods in LUCIAN, and the growing crisis that will lead to the creation of Hawk and the other Hands of the Machine.  Futuristic armies clash, godlike beings manipulate empires, and the gateway to the Underverse of the Below is reopened, unleashing slavering demonic hordes upon an unsuspecting galaxy!

Plexico’s previous novel, SENTINELS: METALGOD, reached #1 on the New Pulp Best-Sellers List in December 2012.  “Nobody—not even Abnett and Lanning—does cosmic superheroes like Van Allen Plexico.  Nobody,” said Barry Reese, creator of the Rook and Lazarus Grey.

“I wanted this book to kick off the new “Shattering” saga with a bang—with action from start to finish,” says Plexico of LORDS OF FIRE, “and that’s exactly what it does.  I have no doubt that my loyal cadre of longtime readers will enjoy it, and I’m confident it will appeal to a new readership of bold Military SF enthusiasts who like a mash-up of high-tech combat and supernatural menaces in the vein of the Warhammer 40,000 books.”

White Rocket Books is a leader in the New Pulp movement, publishing exciting action and adventure novels and anthologies since 2005, in both traditional and electronic formats.   White Rocket books have hit the Amazon.com Top 15-by-Genre and reached #1 on the New Pulp Best-Sellers List, and have garnered praise from everyone from Marvel Comics Vice-President Tom Brevoort to Kirkus Reviews.

THE SHATTERING, LEGION I: LORDS OF FIRE is a $15.95, 6×9 format trade paperback from White Rocket Books.
316 pages.
ISBN-13:  978-0-61575-419-2  
ISBN-10:   0-61575-419-8  
(6×9” Trade Paperback)

Now available in paperback at Amazon.

Coming soon: 
The Shattering:
Legion II: Sons of Terra


Cover Art/Design: Bobby Nash and Jeff Austin

New Pulp Author Bobby Nash’s newest BEN Books release, FRONTIER, a collection of pulpy sci fi and space opera themed stories is now available as an ebook for Kindle and Nook. It is also as a paperback from BEN Books direct, which can be found here. Paperbacks will be available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble within a week.


Frontier collects 9 sci fi short stories from Bobby Nash, author of Earthstrike Agenda, Evil Ways, and Deadly Games! Some of the rare tales presented in Frontier are reprints and others are in print there for the first time. The stories that make up Frontier happen on Earth, on alien planets, and in the deepest recesses of space. There’s action, adventure, horror, and even a little romance.

Stories included in Frontier:

In deepest space, a research vessel rescues a survivor who asks to be returned home. The catch: her planet lies at the center of a black hole.

Nathanial “Doc” Dresden wakes up in space, free floating above the moon. But he is not alone.

Nathanial “Doc” Dresden and his team investigate bizarre happenings.

A meteor storm damages Midway station, a museum storage facility and frees an ancient creature from its icy tomb.

When war breaks out between neighboring worlds, the Outpost 9 space station is caught in the crossfire. Dr. Erin Moonshadow tries to save lives as chaos reigns around her.

War. Ground troops are dispatched. Dropped from their starship, the troop transport is attacked and one of the soldiers is lost. Then things get strange.

Are a young man’s dreams of an interstellar war a product of his imagination or a prophecy of things to come?

A survey crew discovers a veritable Garden of Eden. Is this paradise or is there a serpent in hiding, waiting to strike?

A one-page story that was doubled as an advertisement for a convention where Bobby was a guest. A fun experiment.

Illustrations in Frontier are by Bobby Nash and Jeff Austin.

The author shares the contents of the book as well as an essay on the making of the book on his website. You can read Bobby’s thoughts on Frontier here.

Get your free Frontier ebook AuthorGraph here.


Cover Art: Bobby Nash and Jeff Austin

New Pulp Author Bobby Nash has announced that FRONTIER, a collection of pulpy sci fi and space opera themed stories written by him over the years will be on sale next week from BEN Books.

The author shares the contents of the book as well as an essay on the making of the book on his website. You can read Bobby’s thoughts on Frontier here.

Bobby Nash’s Frontier will be available as a paperback and in multiple ebook formats.

Keep watching this space for more.


Cover Art: Laura Givens

Airship 27 releases it’s 15th title of the year.

Press Release:


Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of its 15th title of the year, a rousing new space opera; THREE AGAINST THE STARS by Chicago based writer Joe Bonadonna. Best known for his sword and sorcery fantasies, Bonadonna now steps into a whole new arena to deliver a truly fast paced futurist pulp adventure.

On the distant alien planet of Rhajnara a conspiracy created by the facist Khandra Regime is set into motion to overthrow the rightful Rhajni Republic and instigate a policy of ethnic-cleansing. The conspirators are cunning and it seems nothing in the universe can derail their mad apocalyptic scheme.

Nothing that is but three rambunctious Space Marines from the Third Regiment Company E of the United States Space Marines assigned to Rhajnara with the Terran Expeditionary Force. Sergeants Fernado Cortez, Seamus O’Hara and Claudia Akira are the most unlikely trio ever to don jarhead camouflage and become military heroes. To their superiors they are wild, reckless and incessant troublemakers always in the thick of things. Yet their courage, loyalty and devotion to duty prove them to be the toughest Devil Dogs in the Corp.

Now, with the aid of a Medical Corpsman named Makki Doon, a young Felisian native proto-feline humanoid, these three futuristic musketeers are about to become the one factor capable of exposing the traitorous Khandra coup. But to do so they will have to put their lives on the line one more time and risk all to save the day facing off against incredible odds. To save an empire they will truly become…THREE AGAINST THE STARS.

“This is old school space opera,” cheered Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “From Buck Rogers to the Space Patrol, the classic elements in this book make for a fun read from start to finish.” The book features interior illustrations by the popular Pedro Cruz with a dynamic cover by Laura Givens and is designed by Art Director, Rob Davis. “In the end, Joe Bonadonna delivers an action packed space opera fans of Edmond Hamilton and E.E. “Doc” Smith will not soon forget.”

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!

Available now at Create Space – (https://www.createspace.com/4072461)

As a digital PDF download here –

In another week at Amazon & Kindle.
In two weeks from (www.IndyPlanet.com)


Linda Pendelton has announced the return of pulp author Don Pendleton‘s science fiction adventures in both paperback and Kindle formats.


Earth is being invaded by treacherous aliens and Terra 10, the earth’s only hope, is in the enemy’s power! Zach Whaleman, the Gunner of Terra 10, was moving fast, out into the darkness. A long-dormant instinct had arisen in response to his urgent need, a very human and entirely “natural” response of a life-mechanism in a survival situation. He had a weapon now! Let them catch him. Let them. He would kill them! He would do everything he had to do to save the super-secrets of Terra 10.

The Guns of Terra 10: A Space Opera originally published in 1970. Now available in paperback and Kindle formats.


The United States government’s executive intelligence gathering agency, the Inter-agency Intelligence Group, has largely supplanted the clumsy machinery of the CIA as a direct tool of the U.S. President. Patrick Honor, a top member of the Intelligence Group, is the one skilled enough to find answers to mysterious events taking place, in which the number 9 has significance. Members of a top secret psychic investigative team, the PPS, Psychic Power Sources, are in harm’s way, as is the President. Patrick Honor believes there is a Rogue God. Is he right? Do the answers to the mystery have anything to do with sex being taboo down through the ages? Who is Octavia? Will answers be found in the symbology of the Nines? Can Patrick Honor insure the safety of the President while unraveling the psychic events, all before it is too late for humanity? Intended for mature readers.

The Godmakers: Fantastic adventure into cosmic consciousness and the unknown….originally published in 1970 under pseudonym Dan Britain, soon after by Don Pendleton. Now available in paperback and Kindle formats.


Political newspaper reporter, Richard Hunter, is questioning the upcoming presidential election and the insufferable Electoral College, wondering if, for all these years, had it been some grand political game? Was billionaire Brian Donaldson buying the votes of the Electoral College? Did he believe himself to be an Olympian and hide away on a mountain top in Wyoming, while manipulating the election for his own gain? Was the United States headed to a coup attempt? Could Richard Hunter stop a coup, or was he ignoring the dangers to the country while enjoying the social and sexual activities of this isolated “Olympian” group. Who would end up in the White House as president of the United States of America, and with the power to change the world—for better—or for worse?

The Olympians: Science fiction alternative history…first published in 1969. Now available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Don Pendleton was creator of the long-running action/adventure series, The Executioner; Joe Copp Private Eye Series; Ashton Ford Psychic Detective Series; and other fiction and nonfiction books. Learn more about Don Pendelton at www.donpendelton.com.


THUNDER IN THE VOID by Henry Kuttner is a massive collection of 16 vintage Space Opera stories selected from classic pulp magazines such as Weird Tales, Marvel Science Stories, Astonishing Stories, Super Science Stories, Super-Detective, and of course, Planet Stories. Most of the these are appearing in book form for the first time. An added bonus, Haffner Press is pleased to include an unpublished story by Kuttner, “The Interplanetary Limited.”

Prior to his marriage to fellow science-fantasy writer Catherine L. Moore in 1940, Henry Kuttner wrote stories of Lovecraftian horror, weird-menace “shudder” tales, and thrilling adventure stories. But he also wrote blood-n-thunder Space Opera stories in the vein of Edmond Hamilton (one of young Kuttner’s favorite authors) told with a rough-edge style similar to Kuttner’s protege Leigh Brackett.

Award-winning author (and the only writer to stage a live performance of a Kuttner Space Opera story) Mike Resnick contributes an introduction reflecting on his admiration for stories by Kuttner (and Moore).

THUNDER IN THE VOID is scheduled for a mid-November 2011 release.

Table of Contents
Introduction by Mike Resnick
*Raider of the Spaceways  (Weird Tales, Jul ’37)
Avengers of Space  (Marvel Science Stories, Aug ’38)
The Time-Trap  (Marvel Science Stories, Nov ’38)
*The Lifestone  (Astonishing Stories, Feb ’40)
*Monsters of the Atom  (Super-Detective, Apr ’41)
*Red Gem of Mercury  (Super Science Stories, Nov ’41)
*The Crystal Circe  (Astonishing Stories, Jun ’42)
*War-Gods of the Void  (Planet Stories, Fll ’42)
*Thunder in the Void  (Astonishing Stories, Oct ’42)
We Guard the Black Planet  (Super Science Stories, Nov ’42)
*Soldiers of Space  (Astonishing Stories, Feb ’43)
*Crypt-City of the Deathless One  (Planet Stories, Win ’43)
The Eyes of Thar  (Planet Stories, Fll ”43)
What Hath Me  (Planet Stories, Spr ’46)
*Carry Me Home  (Planet Stories,  ’50)
The Interplanetary Limited (first time in print)

*First reprint appearance

1) Single-copy preorders for THUNDER IN THE VOID may be placed on this page:

2) or a copy may be preordered as part of a limited-time combo offer:
Visit www.haffnerpress.com to order THUNDER IN THE VOID by Kuttner with AT THE HUMAN LIMIT, THE COLLECTED STORIES OF JACK WILLIAMSON, VOLUME EIGHT and TALES FROM SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION and receive an exclusive bonus chapbook featuring rare texts and associated ephemera from several contributors to the these three titles.  Shipping is FREE to the Continental USA and we will ship the books as they are published with the chapbook accompanying the release of TALES OF SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION.

AT THE HUMAN LIMIT is already available and selling fast.  We will withdraw this offer when either AT THE HUMAN LIMIT is out of print or we take possession from the bindery of THUNDER IN THE VOID (which is due in November). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get this exclusive chapbook.

Keep Watching the Skies!

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