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Cover Art: Raymond Swanland

Pulp Publisher Haffner Press has announced that pre-ordered copies of The Complete John Thunstone are shipping this week.

Demons: BEWARE! John Thunstone is on the prowl!

THE COMPLETE JOHN THUNSTONE by Manly Wade Wellman is now shipping. Copies are on their way and we expect to have the remaining preorders shipped by the 31st.

Art: George Evans

About The Complete John Thunstone
Written by Manly Wade Wellman
Edited by Stephen Haffner
Introduction by Ramsey Campbell
Cover Art by Raymond Swanland
Illustrated by George Evans
ISBN-13 9781893887596
640+ page Hardcover

Conceived by Manly Wade Wellman and Weird Tales editor Dorothy McIlwraith in 1943, John Thunstone is a scholar and playboy who investigates mysterious supernatural events. Large and strong, intelligent, handsome, and wealthy, he has the typical attributes of a heroic character. He is also well-read in occult matters and has access to weapons (such as a sword-cane forged by a saint) that are especially potent against vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. In addition to the ghosts and other traditional supernatural beings, several of Thunstone’s enemies are Wellman’s unique creations. Particularly compelling are the enigmatic shonokins, a race of human-like creatures who claim to have ruled North America before the coming of humans.

Thunstone’s most persistent foe is the diabolical sorcerer Rowley Thorne, a character loosely based on the real occultist Aleister Crowley. Thunstone originally appeared in short stories published in Weird Tales from 1943 to 1951 with a final short story in 1982. Wellman would later write two novels featuring Thunstone: What Dreams May Come (1983) and The School of Darkness (1985).

Stories included in this collection:
The Third Cry to Legba Weird Tales Nov ’43
The Golden Goblins Weird Tales Jan ’44
Hoofs Weird Tales Mar ’44
The Letters of Cold Fire Weird Tales May ’44
John Thunstone’s Inheritance Weird Tales Jul ’44
Sorcery from Thule Weird Tales Sep ’44
The Dead Man’s Hand Weird Tales Nov ’44
Thorne on the Threshold Weird Tales Jan ’45
The Shonokins Weird Tales Mar ’45
Blood from a Stone Weird Tales May ’45
The Dai Sword Weird Tales Jul ’45
Twice Cursed Weird Tales Mar ’46
Shonokin Town Weird Tales Jul ’46
The Leonardo Rondache Weird Tales Mar ’48
The Last Grave of Lill Warran Weird Tales May ’51
Rouse Him Not Kadath Jul ’82
What Dreams May Come, Doubleday 1983
The School of Darkness, Doubleday 1985

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Art: Rob Davis

New Pulp Publisher, Airship 27 Productions‘ Chief, Ron Fortier announced a new anthology starring one of pulp’s popular characters, The Phantom Detective.

“One of those projects now in the works will be our very first PHANTOM DETECTIVE anthology,” Fortier explained on his website in his weekly Flight Log Blog where he shared Rob Davis’ sketch sketch of the character (also pictured above). “If the name sounds familiar,” Fortier continued, “it is because he truly was one of the more popular classic pulp heroes with his own monthly magazine. The thing about him that most people recall is how they would portray him on the covers in a silk top hat and tuxedo. Pretty silly when one thinks about it and the truth is he never ever appeared in that ridiculous outfit in the actual stories in the mag. Rather he wore top coat and fedora with a domino mask just as Rob has drawn him here. We are excited about doing this fan favorite and have assembled what we consider the cream-of-the-crop amongst today’s New Pulp writers to bring you his new adventures.”

The New Pulp Authors Fortier mentioned includes Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, Tommy Hancock, and Gary Lovisi. Airship 27’s lead artist and designer, Rob Davis will handle the illustrations.


New Pulp Publisher, Pulp Empire has announced its first title for 2013.


After the debut of the Red & White Avenger, Doc Claus, closed out 2012 with a bang, Pulp Empire is proud to announce the first release of 2013, due in late January.

The rip-roaring adventures of Modern Gods will launch our new year with new tales from Bonnie Sterling, Teel James Glenn, Viktor Kowalski and Nicholas Ahlhelm with adventures from across the spectrum of pantheons!

Pulp meets classic adventure in these all new tales! Stay tuned for the debut of the book’s cover in the next few days, also by the multi-talented Teel James Glenn!

Visit Pulp Empire at http://pulpempire.com.


Follow me to The Book Cave

Book Cave hosts Bruce Rosenberger and Ric Croxton start off the show chatting about all things digital for reading. Later, co-host Art Sippo was able to hide from the villagers for a few minutes and chatted with Ric as Bruce had to leave to help with the holiday party at his home. The villagers must have found him at the end and was on the run from them with their torches and pitchforks.

You can listen to The Book Cave Episode 211: Year End Special here.


He knows if you’ve been naughty.

Toy company, Go Hero, has announced via their Facebook page that Doc Savage will be getting the 1:6th scale action figure treatment, joining the company’s similar version of The Shadow. Go Hero also features popular characters, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, The Claw, The Spider, and more.

Check out some sneak peeks of Go Hero’s pulpy projects in the works for 2013 here.

About Go Hero:
Go Hero is at the forefront of the vanguard movement in designer toys.  Go Hero endeavors to re-imagine classic entertainment and lifestyle products for collectors by combining creative vision, industry knowledge, artistry, and a love for pop-culture.  We want to do justice to justice doers and evoke the experiences of our collective childhoods!
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Click on images for a larger view.
Doc Savage Sneak Peek #1

Doc Savage Sneak Peek #2

Doc Savage Sneak Peek #3


Coming Soon!

Altus Press’ Matt Moring shared a pre-Christmas announcement!

Press Release:

The Masked Rider Archives Volume 1
By Oscar Schisgall and William H. Stueber
Introduction by Will Murray

Collected for the first time: the original Masked Rider series! Originally published by Ranger Publications, Altus Press has committed to collecting all the rare and illusive Masked Rider yarns from these early years prior to its acquisition by Standard Publications. Each volume will include new articles and information about the series as well as the history of Ranger Publications, one of the earliest companies run by Marvel Comics founder Martin Goodman.

Volume 1 contains the first three stories, uncut, in order, and accompanied by the original illustrations: “The Black Caballero” by Oscar Schisgall along with “The Avenging Shadow” and “Sapphire Mesa,” both by William H. Stueber.

Available soon!

Learn more at www.altuspress.com.


Art: George Sellas

New pulp Author Barry Reese unveiled the cover to his upcoming book, Gravedigger by artist supreme, George Sellas. Here’s a peek.

Keep watching All Pulp for more Gravedigger announcements.


Cover Art: James Burns
Art: Chris Kohler

Today is your last chance to get the Award Winning Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars anthology from White Rocket Books for just 99 cents on your Kindle!

Sorcery & science battle on future Mars!

Winner of “Best New Character of the Year” at PulpArk 2012, Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars features stories by Bobby Nash, Sean Taylor, Mark Bousquet, Ian Watson, James Palmer, Joe Crowe, and Van Allen Plexico with interior illustrations by Chris Kohler under a cover by James Burns.

Betrayed and left for dead on the battlefield, US Army General John Blackthorn awakens many thousands of years later to find himself trapped amidst the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Mars, his only companions a savage Mock-Man and a mysterious sorceress.

Art: Chris Kohler

Their war to free this strange new world from oppression won’t be easy: Arrayed against them are the four tyrannical First Men–masters of magic and technology alike–the dreaded Sorcerers of Mars!

In the spirit of “Thundarr the Barbarian” and “John Carter of Mars,” Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars is action and adventure as General Blackthorn and his companions battle the tyrannical Sorcerers of Mars!

Get your $0.99 Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars ebook here.
Also available in paperback here.