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Lance Star and the Crown od Genghis Kai– Part 2

Lance Star and The Crown of Genghis Kai, a 10-part webstrip by Bobby Nash and James Burns continues at www.lance-star.com. New strips every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Written by Bobby Nash
Art/Colors/Letters by James Burns
Lance Star: Sky Ranger © Bobby Nash
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Lance Star Goes After The Crown (updated)

Soon to be serialized as a webcomic at www.lance-star.com and in print in August 2013 is Lance Star: Sky Ranger in “The Crown of Genghis Kai” by Bobby Nash and James Burns, the creative team behind lance Star: Sky Ranger “One Shot!”

Lance Star and The Crown of Genghis Kai begins tomorrow at www.lance-star.com. New strips will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Part 2: March 20
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Part 5: March 27
Part 6: March 29
Part 7: April 1
Part 8: April 3
Part 9: April 5
Part 10: April 8

The Ruby Files Bursts onto Kindle

Cover Art: Mark Wheatley

Airship 27 Productions announced that The Ruby Files Vol. 1 is now available on Kindle. The recently announced 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winner for Best New Character is now available in paperback and ebook formats to meet your pulpy two-fisted crime thriller needs.

You can find The Ruby Files on Kindle here.

About The Ruby Files:


It was the 1930s and America was locked in the grip of the Great Depression. Gangsters controlled the major cities while outlaws roamed the rural back country. It was a time of Speak Easy gin-joints, Tommy-guns, fast cars and even faster dames. This is the world of New York based Private Investigator Rick Ruby, a world he is all too familiar with. From the back alleys of Gotham to the gold laden boulevards of Hollywood, Ruby is the shamus with a nose for trouble and an insatiable appetite for justice. So if you’ve got a taste for hot lead and knuckle sandwiches, tug your cuffs, adjust your fedora and light up a Lucky, a brand new pulp detective is coming your way.

Created by pulp masters, Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor, Rick Ruby echoes the tales of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe while offering up his own brand of two-fisted action. Joined by fellow pulp smiths Andrew Salmon and William Patrick Maynard, these modern scribes of purple prose present a quartet of tales to delight any true lover of private eye fiction.


To learn more about The Ruby Files, visit the official Rick Ruby site at http://RickRuby.blogspot.com

Fight Card in April

New Pulp Publisher Fight Card Books has shared the covers for two upcoming titles in the new Fight Card MMA series.



Learn more at www.fightcardbooks.com.

David Wood Fights for Freedom

David Wood

New Pulp Author David Wood announced his forthcoming novel, Freedom.

From David’s Facebook page:

Okay, it’s Monday somewhere, so time for the big announcement:

Have you ever wanted to hear the story of how Dane and Bones met, how their friendship formed, and what sorts of adventures they stumbled into during their early years? I’m pleased to announce FREEDOM- book one of the forthcoming “Dane and Bones Origins” series. Co-authored by Sean Sweeney (author of the “Agent” series,) FREEDOM tells the story of Dane and Bones’ first adventure: a mystery dating back to the founding of our nation.

Don’t miss it!

Learn more about David Wood and The Dane Maddock novel series at http://davidwoodweb.com.