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Tweeks: SDCC Steven Universe & OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Interviews

We’re back with more interviews from SDCC 2017! In this installment of our Comic Con adventures, Maddy talks to Rebecca Sugar (The creator of Steven Universe — ALL HAIL!) about musical theatre being the voice of Marceline’s mom on Adventure Time, what to expect in Season 3, in what order she first drew the Gems & more.. Then she also chats with the voice of Steven, Zach Callison about stuff like his favorite fan theories and what’s in store for Steven next season. And she doesn’t leave the Cartoon Network press room without speaking with Ian Jones-Quarty about his brand new show, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, what he learned from working on Adventure Time & Steven’s Universe, and Legend of Zelda on Gameboy.

Tweeks Wynonna Earp SDCC 2017 Interview

If you are not already watching Wynonna Earp, there’s no excuse! Season 1 is on Netflix, we’re half way through an exciting Season 2 on Syfy and the big news at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday was that Season 3 is go.

Maddy was able to talk to the cast – Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna Earp, herself), Shamier Anderon (Agent Dolls), Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday), Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Waverly), Katherine Barrell (Officer Nicole Haught), Varun Saranga (Jeremy), Tamara Duarte (Rosita Bustillos), Wynonna Earp creator Beau Smith & show runner Emily Andras at Comic-Con and it was really fun. And while it’s mostly all the questions a feminist teenager wants to know (though we didn’t have a lot of time — so it wasn’t ALL the questions we wanted answered), we have to warn you there might be some spoilers if you aren’t caught up with the current season.

You can tell in the interviews how genuinely nice and amazing everyone is on this show. Is it because they are Canadian? Or is it because such they are just so happy to be one of the best shows on TV right now (maybe of ever)?

Tweeks: Spider-Man Homecoming Review

There’s so much to discuss. Like how much we love Tom Holland. Like how Zendaya was all over the marketing for a meh role in the actual movie. Like Donald Glover. Like how it’s so refreshing to have movie teenagers actually look & act like real teenagers. Like how Spiderman compares to Wonder Woman. And other stuff too, but you have to watch.

Tweeks: Maddy Reviews The Wendy Project

On July 18th, Super Genius will be releasing what I think could be the best graphic novel you read all year! The Wendy Project is a modern take on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan illustrated by Veronica Fish (Archie, Spider-Woman, Slam!) and written by Melissa Jane Osbourne.

It’s about Wendy Davies, a 16-year-old who crashes her car into a lake in New England while her little brothers are in the backseat. When she wakes up in the hospital, she’s told her youngest brother, Michael, is dead, but Wendy insists that he’s alive and with Peter Pan. The story then follows her to her school where she has to walk the line between reality & fantasy. And during all of this she’s given a sketchbook by her therapist to document the transition between her two worlds. You will love this book. Trust me!

Tweeks: Bad Machinery 7 Review

Bad Machinery by John Allison just might be our favorite graphic novel series. The 7th mystery: The Case of The Forked Road. This one has time travel, science, and a great story for the girls to solve. You don’t want to miss this book — or our discussion about it!

Tweeks Discuss Wonder Woman

Warning Spoilers! It’s more than a review this week because we just have so much to say about Wonder Woman. Not only is it Tweeks Approved, but we had to reorder our Chrises.

Tweeks May Loot Crate Unboxings

This week The Tweeks & Barkley open up the Guardians Loot Crate and Loot Pets boxes.  There’s some pretty cool Guardians stuff and one Star Wars item which Anya gives everything else up for.

Tweeks: Black Canary Vs Scarlet Witch

This week we battle it out to see whose favorite super heroine is the best.  Maddy brings her favorite DC Superhero Black Canary to the fight against Anya’s favorite Marvel Superhero Scarlet Witch.

Tweeks: Who Is Mantis

With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 coming out tonight, Maddy had to do some research to figure out just who Mantis is. Learn a little something as she walks Anya through Mantis’ complicated history of being dragged around all kind of comics by her creator Steve Engelhart before showing up with Star-Lord’s dad in the new Guardians of the Galaxy.