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Tweeks Get Their Whovian Geek On For The 50th

Doctor-Who-The-50th-Anniversary-Wallpaper-doctor-who-35308700-1920-1080The Tweeks enjoyed the Day of the Doctor in Los Angeles and today recap the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary, giving us their review and reactions.

And yes, they  manage to keep their squeeing over both their Doctors being onscreen at once to a minimum.

***Spoilers Alert!***

The Tweeks will return Tuesday morning with their special Hunger Games: Catching Fire review!

FRIDAY: Martha Thomases

SATURDAY: Marc Alan Fishman



The Tweeks review “Shrek: The Musical”!

He’s big, green, loud, obnoxoius, and is like an onion. He also sings, dances, and saves the princess. And now, there’s a DVD and Blu-Ray edition of the Broadway musical based on the Dreamworks animated movie based on the book by William Steig. (Whew!) This week, the Tweeks review the musical version of Shrek. Take a look…

The Tweeks Review “Thor: The Dark World”

The Tweeks Review “Thor: The Dark World”

Thor_Payoff_1-Sht_v2_lg-300x444Most movie reviewers have been acting like teenage girls over Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston in Thor: The Dark World. But only ComicMix gives you real teenage girls to review the movie! (We even got siblings with light and dark long hair, just to keep with the theme of the film.)

Take a look as Tweeks Maddy and Anya review the blockbuster and find out whether Marvel is reaching the audience they’re hoping for, and who the cuter Hemsworth brother is…

The Tweeks review “Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl”

Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl
How distinctly we remember, on the day before November;
With the gaily costumed children wanting candy at the door.
Eagerly we wished the morrow;—vainly we had sought to borrow
From our comics breaks from sorrow—and we found the book Lenore.
Now the rare and radiant maidens called the Tweeks review Lenore
            Posted here for evermore.
The Tweeks Get Ready for The Hunger Games of Halloween

The Tweeks Get Ready for The Hunger Games of Halloween

This week the Tweeks give us a sneak peek of their Halloween costumes as Anya shows how she made her Katniss Everdeen costume.

As for Maddy’s costume, it’s a surprise you’ll have to watch til the end to see what she feels is scarier than clown zombies…


Tweeks: “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland”

This week the Tweeks give us their take on the show they’ve been looking forward to this fall, as they fall down the rabbit hole and discuss Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, ABC’s new spin-off of the hit show (and Tweeks fave) Once Upon A Time.


Update: the little tech problem we had has been dealt with, and those who have screwed up have had their heads lopped off by the Red Queen. She’s tough that way.

Tweeks: “Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel”

Phineas and Ferb in a spaceship they built. Ph...

This week The Tweeks review “Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel”, which aired this summer on the Disney channel, released Oct 1st on DVD. (Though ‘review’ may be too strong of a word…)



The Tweeks review “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls”

File:Equestria girls movie poster.jpgThis week on Tweeks, we have My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, discussed as only twin geeks Anya and Maddy Ernst can do so! Watch and learn about how ponies can be transformed into human girls, and logical inconsistencies so obvious that eleven-year-olds can spot them!

Should you bet on these ponygirls? Watch their review and find out!


Tweeks: Doctor Who and The New Doctor

Tweeks Art 130926Good afternoon, and welcome to the first of our weekly Tweeks video columns! The Tweeks are Maddy and Anya Ernst, the newest pop culture critics at

This week, the Tweeks discuss Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor who will be regenerating from Matt Smith on the Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special— a spirited conversation about the new Doctor Who, as only a pair of 11 year old twins can do it. Enjoy!