Tweeks Discuss Wonder Woman

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3 Responses

  1. Adriane Nash says:

    Oh my dears, I need to get you acquainted with the comic book Etta Candy. She’s from Texas. She leads a sorority of girls dubbed the Holliday Girls (Beeta Lamda is the sorority!) and usually sports a capital H on the chest of her sweater (they attend Holliday College.) She owns her curves. She’s got a major sweet tooth (Etta Candy, get it?) She has a penchant for spanking the Holliday Girls, Wonder Woman, bad guys, pretty much anyone.
    And her catchphrase is “Woo! Woo!”
    That’s her Golden Age backstory, they’ve retconned and revamped her numerous times. She was even married Steve at in the relatively recent past/Modern Age.

    She’s the only character I’ve ever seriously considered cosplaying.

    I believe Mindy made use of Etta when she was working on Wonder Woman back in the day, hopefully she’ll chime in.

    And I was heartbroken at how underused she was in the movie

  2. Mindy Newell says:

    Adrianne, Maddy, and Anya, I simply CANNOT STAND the traditional Etta Candy. Never could, never will. Even as a kid, I didn’t like her. She’s in no way a model for women who carry some weight–I believe the catch-phrase these days is “full-bodied?”

    And what was with that “Woo-Woo?”

    I didn’t ask for Etta to be drawn svelte or athletically fit back in the day…but I wrote her as competent. And never a “Woo-Woo” came out of her mouth.

    • Adriane Nash says:

      I never read her as incompetent. Or rather I never enjoyed the stories where she had shitty self esteem (that was Kahniger’s doing). She was confident & sassy in her original inception.