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Tweeks: Halloween Vlog!

This week we vlog while sorting our Halloween candy Topics include our first Halloween at Orange County School of the Arts, the backlash against Harley Quinn costumes when obviously everyone & her sister was in a Stranger Things costume, a recreation of the Kardashian Kit Kat video, and a review Poltergeist.

Tweeks: PowerPuff Girls Interviews

At San Diego Comic Con, we were so lucky to interview the Powderpuff Girls cast & writers.  Cartoon Network rebooted the series this year with new writes & voices and while change is hard (PPG was one of the defining cartoons of our childhood) we really warmed up to Amanda Leighton (Blossom), Kristen Li (Bubbles) and Natalie Palamides (Buttercup).  We also got to talk to some of the writers Jake Goldman &  Hayley Mancini (also the voice of Princess Morebucks) and the producers Nick Jennings  & Bob Boyle.  We talked a lot about how the Powerpuff brand of feminism has been updated for 2016 and what it’s like to be voice actors and what kind of choices go into voicing such iconic characters.  There’s so much to talk about!


Tweeks: Steven Universe Interviews

Steven Universe is one of our favorite cartoons ever and so we were really excited to get to interview them at Comic Con.

We talked to Zach Callison (who is not only the voice of Steven, but also of Prince James in Sofia the First), Ian Jones-Quartey (storyboarded/animator), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl….who Anya has been singing along to since she was 2 years old — no kidding, Deedee was Jasmine in the Aladdin Spectacular at Disney’s California Adventure), Estelle (Garnet), and Rebecca Sugar, the show’s composer & creator, who incidentally was shattering glass ceilings as the first woman to independently create a series for Cartoon Network! What’s really cool about Rebecca, as you’ll find out in our interview is that she’s a bit of a musical theatre geek like us. She not only got a song idea from Sweeney Todd, but she quotes Bob Fosse too.

It’s a long interview, but if you are a fan of Steven & the Crystal Gems, you need to watch this. The whole cast was so nice and fun. Plus they are very funny. And if like Maddy your life’s dream is to be a voice actor on a cartoon, you will love all the inside scoop on how that’s done.

Tweeks: We Bare Bears Interviews

One of the absolute cutest shows on TV is We Bare Bears. It started out as a web comic by Daniel Chong and now it’s on its second season on Cartoon Network.

We sat down with Daniel Chong and the voices of the stackable San Francisco bears Grizzly (Eric Edelstein), Panda (Bobby Moynihan) & Ice Bear (Demetri Martin) & let them just be hilarious.


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Tweeks Review Raina Telgemeier’s Ghosts

As you know, we’re HUGE Raina Telgemeier fans! Last month, her latest graphic novel, Ghosts was released by Scholastic and it really should be on everyone’s reading list this October!

Ghosts is about Catrina whose family moves to Northern California because her sister has Maya’s cystic fibrosis. As the sisters try to adjust to their new town, they meet Carlos who teaches them all about the ghosts who reside there too. Maya’s down with meeting ghosts, but Cat not much. Read the book to find out how it all goes down.

We also talk about how we feel about ghosts and about where this book rates with among our other Raina favorites!

Tweeks A Trio of September Loot Unboxings

ext This week brings a triple play of Loot unboxings! September’s theme was Speed & the girls (and Barkley) wasted no time tearing into the packages!

Up first: Anya gets into the LootCrate before Maddy knows what’s happening

Then Maddy has her way with the LootWear

Finally Barkley tries to contain himself for the LootPets unboxing


Tweeks: Supergirl Cast Interviews at SDCC Part 2!

In Part 2 of our Supergirl San Diego Comic Con Roundtable interview, we chat with Supergirl herself (Melissa Benoit), Chryler Leigh (Alex Danvers) & Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).

If you haven’t watched Part One yet — now’s an excellent time to watch it.

Tweeks: Supergirl Cast Interviews Pt 1

If you all aren’t already watching Supergirl, you should.  For Season 2, the show about Kara Zor-El’s life in National City working for Catco Worldwide by day and embracing her superhuman talents to save the world on her off-time will be moving The CW on October 10 at 8pm.  We’re super looking forward to James Olsen, more DEO and Anya mostly can’t wait for more Winn (Jeremy Jordan)!  And we’re absolutely freaking out about the Supergirl & The Flash musical crossover!  We all know Melissa Benoist & Grant Gustin were on Glee, but there’s also Jesse L. Martin (Tom Collins! RENT!), Jeremy Jordan!!! (voice of an angel!) & Carlos Valdes.  We can only pray they can figure out a way to write Alura or Astra in because Laura Benanti is just so magical.

At what was probably the highlight of Comic Con, Anya attended the Supergirl press roundtable and sat face to face with the cast…including her precious Jeremy Jordan (who not only plays Winn — the best character on the show, in her opinion — but also the original Jack Kelly from Broadway’s Newsies and the star of The Last Five Years, her most Netflixed movie ever — even more than RENT).  In Part One of her Supergirl interviews we have Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen), Jeremy Jordan (Ahhhhh!) David Harewood (Hank Henshaw/J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter) and executive producer Sarah Schechter who talk about the move to CW and what to expect in this next season.