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The Tweeks Review 2013

The Tweeks Review 2013

This week the Tweeks look back at the rest of 2013, giving us a twin tween take on what worked and what crashed and burned.


THURSDAY 5:00 EST USA: Mike Gold

FRIDAY: Dennis O’Neil, Martha Thomases, Michael Davis


Tweeks: Review Saving Mr. Banks

traversThis week the Tweeks review Disney’s new flick about the making of Disney’s Mary Poppins, Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks. Does anyone think we should let ComicMix EIC Mike Gold share his opinion of Walt with our starry-eyed tweens?

Remember: it’s not spoilers if it’s history!


The Tweeks Take On 2013’s Music

Rainbow_Dash_Robot_Unicorn_Atk_by_purplemerkle This week the Tweeks share some of the biggest hits and music videos of 2013, giving us a twin tween take on what was hot and what was not. Here’s a hint: sparkle, fireflies and 1D.


Next week: Doctor Who Christmas Special Report

ComicMix’s Sister Act Review Disney’s New Sister Act- Frozen

disney-frozen-anna-elsa-new-designDecember must be The Tweeks’ favorite month: Day of the Doctor, Hunger Games: Catching Fire and a new Disney animated movie- Frozen. A Disney animated movie featuring two main characters who happen to be sisters! Which gives us a chance to open up to our reader a debate we have hotly debated in the ComicMix offices: which one is the evil twin, Maddy or Anya?


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Tweeks Special

The-Tributes-of-the-75th-Hunger-Games-catching-fire-movie-35052815-2498-916 Because last weekend was jammed packed with awesomeness for The Tweeks, we’ve got an extra installment this week! On Friday November 22nd, Maddy and Anya caught an Imax screening of the blockbuster The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on opening day. They even wore costumes to the theater! Here’s their review, brimming with the fever pitch excitement and enthusiasm for the event tweens the world over have been waiting for!


Watch now! Then go see the movie for yourself (if you haven’t yet!)