Mike Gold: You Are Not Allowed To Read This!

Mike Gold

ComicMix's award-winning and spectacularly shy editor-in-chief Mike Gold also performs the weekly two-hour Weird Sounds Inside The Gold Mind ass-kicking rock, blues and blather radio show on The Point, www.getthepointradio.com and on iNetRadio, www.iNetRadio.com (search: Hit Oldies) every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern, rebroadcast three times during the week – check www.getthepointradio.com above for times and on-demand streaming information.

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6 Responses

  1. Whit Knight says:

    Well-said, Mike!

  2. Whitney Farmer says:

    Free speech does not absolve the speaker of the consequences of his/her actions…

    Don’t buy the book. Don’t invite him/her to a party. Write a rebuttal. Duh.

    Why isn’t that a popular tattoo? It beats fascism.

    • Mike Gold says:

      The issue I can’t get past is: what sort of person would create and perpetuate a story like Hillary Clinton’s pizza parlor sex ring?

      Just to update, now there’s a pizza parlor in New York City that has been “linked” to the above-mentioned pizza parlor in Washington. Police are keeping an eye on it, not for kidnapped children being forced by Mrs. Clinton into sexual slavery but in case another three-gun toting lunatic decides to shoot THAT joint up.

      And there are people who actually believe that Hillary Clinton runs a child sex slavery operation and does so out of pizza parlors. AND we let these people drive!!!

      • David N says:

        “AND we let these people drive!!!”

        More disturbingly, we let them vote!

        • Mike Gold says:

          Well, we-all get another opportunity to vote in 2018. It would be swell if people would actually come out and cast their vote: the fate of both houses of Congress, and therefore America, is at stake.