MIKE GOLD: Important Advice For Comics Artists

Mike Gold

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5 Responses

  1. Jeremiah Avery says:

    There are a few working at the Big Two that really need the “Son Of Photoshop Copy Machine” jar.

    I think once someone grasps the fundamentals, they then should focus on doing good work in a short span of time. If it takes someone a week to do one page, odds are most publishers won’t be giving them assignments.

    Anatomy books would definitely be helpful, especially for those who don’t seem to have a clue what a real woman looks like.

    • Or hands and feet. I see a lot of bizarrely or just plain poorly drawn hands/feet and it boggles the mind because almost everyone has at least one they can use as a reference. It’s not like you’ve never seen one.

    • JosephW says:

      “…especially for those who don’t seem to have a clue what a real woman looks like.”

      What do you expect? They’re not drawing real women (or even realistic women–then again, many of those who can’t draw real women can’t draw real men either, but I digress….), they’re drawing the women they want to bang, and for some of them, I’d guess they’re using blow-up dolls as their models. (That is, when they’re not tracing porn magazine models.)

      • mike weber says:

        Kate says most young men would be ashamed to admit they’ve never seen a real nude woman …

        “…but these comic book artists seem to want to brag about it.”

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