Joe Corallo: Don’t Call It A Comeback!

Joe Corallo

Joe Corallo is a queer cisgender white guy who tries to keep his privilege in check while residing in Queens, NY. He's been an active participant in life for three decades, has been reading comics for over two of those decades, and has dabbled in writing comics for over half a decade. He's self published four issues of a cyberpunk comic titled Electronic, has work published in Geeks OUT Presents: Power Anthology, Margins Publishing's Our Hearts Still Beat zine, and Grayhaven's The Gathering: Music anthology. He's currently back at self publishing with a new series, Saturn's Call, alongside co-creator and illustrator Robby Barrett with issue #2 ready for release later this year. A couple of other projects are going on currently that can't be announced yet. Joe also contributes at Geeks OUT and [insertgeekhere].

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2 Responses

  1. It’s my understanding (thanks to ComicMix columnist Michael Davis) that Milestone will be making a significant comeback at DCE, so there is that. I do expect to see more inclusive characters introduced once Rebirth is truly underway, but I have no proof of that. Still, the rumors are strong that the newly-pluralized GREEN LANTERNS title may feature one or two starring characters of color. Admittedly, GLBT concerns may be getting the short-shrift for a while longer. Keep shining the lamplight on it for everyone.

    • Joe Corallo says:

      I did hear that Milestone was coming back, yes. To my knowledge, they haven’t announced any upcoming titles yet. Once we get to that point I will probably write up something regarding that. I’d be very excited to see Milestone back in full swing.

      Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. It’s appreciated.