Jen Krueger: Down Another Rabbit Hole

Jen Krueger

Jen Krueger is a writer and improviser living in Los Angeles. Ask her and she'll proudly tell you she hails from Chicago. Don't ask her, and she'll probably tell you anyway. Jen is the Associate Director of the LA Indie Improv Festival, and runs Friday night indie improv show The Manifesto Show with her team Penguins on the Playground. Jen also hosts, a podcast about pop culture before it pops. She owns one Calvinball, two sonic screwdrivers, and has degrees in Curiosity and Advanced Curiosity.

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3 Responses

  1. James says:

    I’ve just been getting into Android: Netrunner, too, and it’s as much a factor of me falling down the fandom rabbit hole as it is of the game being great on its own merits.

    In this case, I suppose it’s dual-fandom; board games and cyberpunk. I’ve only recently rediscovered my love of both things, so Netrunner scratched all the right itches. And like you basically said, it’s not just about loving something, it’s about loving that you love it, too.

    • Jen Krueger says:

      Netrunner is a game that I think is particularly hard not to geek out over for exactly these reasons, the solid game mechanics coupling with the cyberpunk theming is like a siren song to fanboys and fangirls!

  1. February 5, 2014

    […] Getting super into Android: Netrunner really quickly made me take a hard look at myself in my column this week. […]