Jen Krueger: Cream Rising to the Top

Jen Krueger

Jen Krueger is a writer and improviser living in Los Angeles. Ask her and she'll proudly tell you she hails from Chicago. Don't ask her, and she'll probably tell you anyway. Jen is the Associate Director of the LA Indie Improv Festival, and runs Friday night indie improv show The Manifesto Show with her team Penguins on the Playground. Jen also hosts, a podcast about pop culture before it pops. She owns one Calvinball, two sonic screwdrivers, and has degrees in Curiosity and Advanced Curiosity.

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5 Responses

  1. Mindy Newell says:

    Hey, Jen! Never got into Anthony Bourdain because I’m hooked on Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmerman. And I think I’m messing up the spelling here :-). (I thought the Bourdain show was a copy-cat of Zimmerman’s show.) I love how Zimmerman, through food, explores the cultures of the places he goes.

    • Steve Chaput says:

      I used to be one of those folks who would never watch a ‘reality show’. I blame first, The Amazing Race and then Top Chef for getting me hooked. To be honest there are only about a dozen ‘scripted’ dramas and sit-coms my wife and I watch regularly. The rest of the time we’re watching Food Network, Bravo, Nat Geo or one of the Discovery channels. My DVR is filling up with episodes of THE BLACKLIST, ARROW and a few others, while I’m going through back to back episodes of American Pickers and The Incredible Dr. Pol.

      • Jen Krueger says:

        I know the feeling! I think Food Network and Discovery are particularly dangerous in terms of sucking you into reality stuff since you can learn things from so many of those shows on top of the inevitable humor and drama in many of them.

    • Jen Krueger says:

      I’ve always been intrigued by Bizarre Foods but afraid to watch because it seems like the potential for gross stuff is higher than what I can stomach! I think it’s mostly because the ads I’ve seen for it always feature a really out of the way place, so I figure bugs or brain must end up in at least one episode. Maybe I can have someone pre-screen some for me to weed out what would send me running from the room. :)

      Also, Bourdain also gets into entertainment and transportation in the cities he goes to, it’s not culture through food alone in that way. Not sure about Zimmerman, but maybe that’s where a difference lies?

  1. January 29, 2014

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