Mike Gold: Stupid Decisions

Mike Gold

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6 Responses

  1. Jim McClain says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if they have the scene where Superman is being led in handcuffs to a military installation and they just say, “Yeah, you can’t walk around like that,” hand him a pair of red trunks and say, “You’re good to go!”

  2. facebook_douglass.abramson says:


    You do realize that nobody cares about this except those of us in the obsessive compulsive fan community and movie critics looking for something to bitch about, right? I’d wager that the average person can only name the S shield and the red cape, if quizzed on Superman’s costume. The really observant might be able to tell you that the color blue is there someplace. Even if they can remember the red trunks, the public just doesn’t care. Just like they don’t care about the variations on Batman’s costume used in movies and TV, or that the costumes in the first Xmen movie had never appeared in print before it hit theaters. Personally, I just want to see a good movie. A pair of red trunks won’t make or break the deal, for me.

  3. George Haberberger says:

    “My favorite remains the one from the 1950s teevee series where Our Miss Brooks’ Phillip Boynton played Jor-El while wearing Buster Crabbe’s tunic from the Flash Gordon serials… but that’s just me and a few other decrepit baby-boomers.”

    Count me as a decrepit baby-boomer I guess. The George Reeves Superman show remains one of the most influential elements of my life. It is why is started reading comics. Because I started reading comics I knew about Conan and then Arnold Schwarzenegger. And subsequently that Christopher Reeve was, like me, a skinny guy who started lifting weights when he got the Superman role. I started going to a gym to lift weights and that’s where I met the last three women I dated and I’ve been married to the third one for 27 years.

    It all goes back to George Reeves who in my opinion was a sorely underrated actor. His death, whatever the circumstances of that were, is a tragedy. He would have been a sought-after guest of honor at comic and film conventions if only he had survived.

    Still, I’m looking forward to Man of Steel even if they do have the costume wrong.

  4. shuperman says:

    I’m 26 yrs old…and never really saw the George Reeves era or know who professor Boynton is….but one thing I.do know…is when I’m much older and in a new generation…ill be sure to keep in mind that when a new image of a superman or anything else for that matter ..is made or portrayed…ill be sure to keep in mind that its not for me or the decrepit baby boomers…but for the new kids and the new generation…and not up to keep the same old image and classic ways that im use to..and might just evolve to sumthin that’s “modern”..and tho it may not work for me..more than likely will work with the nee generation…I’m extremely excited about this.movie and absolutely loved the Christopher Reeve ones…but its bout time for sumthin New….and shits about to get REAL

  5. Mike Gold says:

    Jim, I’m with you all the way.

    Doug, Superman is such an American icon that I think many people will look at him in the movie and just feel something is wrong — somebody else in the party will say “where’s his underwear?” And if you go to the screening I’ll go to, that person might be me.

    George, I remember the day Reeves died and I remember exactly where I was and how I felt. I had to explain to my younger friends that Superman didn’t die, just the actor — whose work, as Superman, endured for a half-century.

    Don’t get me wrong: I hope MOS knocks it out of the park. I want to see the Superman movie that Superman deserves.

  6. Rich Vincent says:

    Don’t underestimate the perceptiveness of the younger generation. My fine young next door neighbor is 17 and is getting into super-hero movies (we go together, which, I swear, is keeping me young!), but has never read a comic. His immediate reaction when he saw the costume was that it is awful. He is also a ‘traditionalist” about Spider-Man’s costume. Bought the design from the original movies but has nothing good to say about the costime from the most recent film.