Review: “Amazing Spider-Man” #700 / “Avenging Spider-Man” #15.1

Vinnie Bartilucci

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8 Responses

  1. facebook_dorian.tenorebartilucci says:

    You’ve certainly piqued my interest in this startling take on “walking a mile on someone else’s shoes”! In fact, in certain ways, this reminds me of the epic story arc in Dan Thompson’s comic strip RIP HAYWIRE, except that Thompson plays it for laughs. I’m intrigued!

  2. mike weber says:


  3. J Santana says:

    I can’t believe there’s so many good reviews of this book. Yes, Slott’s been crafting this story for many years. But in the end, it’s a dumb, throw-away “what-if?” story. “What if Otto Octavius was Spider-Man?” “What if nobody cared?” Matter-of-fact, i wouldn’t even buy that as a one-shot issue of “What If”, because that idea at it’s core is even weak for a what if book! Of COURSE they’ll undo this and Peter will come back. Dress a gimmick up all you want, take 4 years to weave it into Spidey stories, but when all is said and done, IT’S STILL A GIMMICK!!

  4. Jim "Spooon" Henry says:

    This is not a totally new twist. It’s not even a totally new twist in Spider-man. During JM Dematties (SP?) stint on the title. Kraven buried Peter alive, put on the black suit, and set out to prove that was better at being Spider-man than Spider-man was — by defeating Vermin. This al led up to (spoiler alert) Kraven’s suicide. This is certainly a bigger twist — especailly given the whole “the villain got away with it and the hero lost” thing, but it’s not the first time some one hs tried to beat the hero at his own game.

  5. r. j. paré says:

    I bet if the Clone Saga had occurred in today’s world of the internet and social networking… similar insanity would ensue… LOL

  6. Anville says:

    One thing I think everyone is missing: this isn’t Doc Ock in Spider-Man’s body. It’s Peter Parker who believes that he is Otto Octavius. There was no magical switching of souls, it was just some high-tech “brainwashing” that will eventually, I assume, wear off. Otto died while thinking he was Peter.

    • There’s any number of ways out of this, as I said. There’s mot likely a full “copy” of Peter’s psyche in his his, overwritten by Otto’s, but retrievable, like files on a hard drive can usually be retrieved. Dr. Strange, Tony Stark, there’s any number of ways that it can be reversed.

      The key is to try and enjoy THIS story, rather than wait for the next one.