Emily S. Whitten: Getting Started in the Comics Industry

Emily S. Whitten

Emily S. Whitten writes everything from news, reviews, and interviews to how-tos, con round-ups, and opinion pieces for ComicMix and others; as well as comics featured on ComicMix, MTV.com, and Reelz.com; and occasionally even award-winning poetry and fiction. When she's not writing for fun or profit, she’s sharing geeky thoughts on the Fantastic Forum radio show and podcast Made of Fail. Emily is a convention organizer and consultant, and co-chair of the fourth North American Discworld Convention, which she co-founded. She has been Program Coordinator for Awesome Con and staff for several genre cons. Emily is a program moderator for Awesome Con and Fan2Sea; and you might also recognize her from her days of answering questions online as her alter-ego, Ask Deadpool. In her copious spare time, Emily enjoys crafting and cosplay, and looking after the cutest three-legged dwarf hamster in the world, ElliePuff. Oh, and when she's not doing all that, Emily is an active member of The National Press Club and holds down a 9-to-5 as a senior attorney for the federal government - although that may just be her superheroine cover identity.

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4 Responses

  1. Mindy Newell says:

    Hey, Em!

    Love your story of how you “fell” into comics!

    I simply adore befriending and/or learning about other women in comics. It’s always annoyed me that the general media thinks it’s a “He-Man’s Woman Hater’s Club.” :-)

    • Emily W says:

      Thanks! :)

      The relationship of female fans and professionals to the greater comics industry fascinates me, because it’s a place where I regularly encounter stuff I’d have assumed was already stamped out in our general society, and almost don’t even know how to react to it when confronted with it because it’s so unexpected or not how I see things. I have a great example of that which I might write about in another post sometime.

      • Mindy Newell says:

        Examples? Honey, I could write a book about examples.

        At this point, I just either shrug my shoulders, or laugh at them.

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