MIKE GOLD: Marvel Comics – Anybody Remember These Guys?

Mike Gold

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2 Responses

  1. I LOVE the Defenders, but Marvel's occasional attempts to revive it are always terrible (except Erik Larsen and Kurt Busiek's series) and I refuse to even try the new one.

    I've also completely given up on Marvel's events. I read them all for years, and they got increasingly stupid, frankly, so I just decided I was done. Dark Reign was the last one I read, and I don't plan to ever read anymore.

  2. I only read Invincible Iron Man and FF. I stayed clear of Fear Itself, as it seemed only to be built to give people tron lines and Mjolnirs. But perhaps in it's wake, Marvel will return to form. I'd LOVE to see them just worry about the individual book for a while.