If I rebooted Wonder Woman

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3 Responses

  1. MattComix says:

    Wonder Woman doesn’t need armor anymore than Superman does however I will say the costume in that picture is a level or armoring I could possibly live with. I think what has hurt the character far more than her costume ever good (because it’s not horrible in the first place) is this constant over emphasis on the warrior thing.

    Growing up as a young lad watching the Lynda Carter tv series (all its faults aside for a moment) I always thought it was rather cool that you had this awesome looking woman who could kick a villains ass with her bare hands and a rope but also had a genuine charm and kindness to her. I get the Amazons are athletes and fighters but I feel that creators tend to over compensate for her so hard by sticking an ax in her hand or soaking in her in blood that they just kinda end up making her Conan-chan which is more generic than it is “badass”.

  2. Otaku-sempai says:

    Minor Correction: On the cover of Sensation Comics #1, Wonder Woman is not wearing a skirt. Her lower garment is a kind of loose-fitting pair of shorts known as culottes.

  3. Alex says:

    Lynda Carter’s outfit was the best.