Dick Giordano: Mentor

Robert Greenberger

Robert Greenberger is best known to comics fans as the editor of Who's Who In The DC Universe, Suicide Squad, and Doom Patrol. He's written and edited several Star Trek novels and is the author of The Essential Batman Encyclopedia. He's known for his work as an editor for Comics Scene, Starlog, and Weekly World News, as well as holding executive positions at both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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3 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    Another Good Man Done Gone.If only for those brief shining moments at Charlton – where i first encountered the art of Jim Aparo – the man deserves his place in the pantheon.

  2. Rick Stasi says:

    Bobby,What you said.Dick Giordano made time for a passionate 17 year old aspiring artist who moved to NY from Kansas City, never to return, in the summer of 1970. He could tell that I wanted to be the next Neal, Curt, Carmine, Kirby, what-have-you, in a medium that I was damn sure, really wanted me to be there! :)Dick was the very first comics pro that I ever met. He gave me my first, very paternal critique, and my first job interview, of sorts. It would be over the next couple of weeks that Dick would make (more) time to see whatever I had gone back to my hotel room to do, and redo, and return to DC.He even parked me in the coffee room and library when he was busy with "real" work as an editor. Cool.Dick had immense patience and a penchant for my "rough around the edges" talent. Dick also had a big, sympathetic heart, most noticeable when he sadly sent me back home to KC. (Ouch.) His gentle advice was to study,study,study- and retry again later. Which I did. Ultimately, I picked-up a wonderful, albeit modest battery of work, that I had the intimidating pleasure of seeing Dick, the master, ink. He even let me guest "Meanwhile" his column when DC turned 50. Dick made more than just an artist's mark on me, and I owe him. What a wonderful role model and friend.Thank you Dick Giordano, for stopping, and stooping to lift me up. You are loved.Rick Stasi(still) Somewhere in Kansas City

  3. Howard Margolin says:

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Dick Giordano at the Creation Convention in November, 1986. That interview will be aired, slightly cleaned up digitally, as an encore presentation in memory of Dick on Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction's April 9th broadcast, beginning at 11:30 PM on 90.1 FM, WUSB, Stony Brook, NY, which also netcasts at http://www.wusb.fm. After the show airs, it will be archived at http://www.captphilonline.com/Destinies.html.