The Future of Media… Again

Mike Gold

ComicMix's award-winning and spectacularly shy editor-in-chief Mike Gold also performs the weekly two-hour Weird Sounds Inside The Gold Mind ass-kicking rock, blues and blather radio show on The Point, and on iNetRadio, (search: Hit Oldies) every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern, rebroadcast three times during the week – check above for times and on-demand streaming information.

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7 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    "… even the high-end model is reasonably priced …"Speak for yourself.

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      With the keyboard dock, that's not too bad. I could easily use that as my main blogging machine for the summer convention season.

  2. Marc Alan Fishman says:

    As with anything Apple releases, I see a ton of potential. Yes, let's just say it: The 2.0 iPad will have a camera. The next upgrade the iPad firmware will support multi-tasking. The bluetooth connectivity will continue to spread to other devices making dongles and cables a thing of the past.Specifically though to comics… this device has the ability to bring a decent sized screen with nice pretty colors that can almost replicate the beauty of the printed page. And it can hold a ton of stuff. I'm personally hoping the major and minor comicbook makers figure out a way to integrate their back catalogs, and content into this nifty device.

  3. Mike Gold says:

    Actually, the iPad is already capable of handling a camera — you can attach one through the USB port and suck in everything you need. Apple always does this: even the original black and white Mac back in 1984 had color routines built-into its ROM. However, there's little doubt in my mind the iPad will have a built-in camera in next year's model, along with 128 MG or even 256 MG memory. Seems awkward to use as a camera, but I think people will want it.iPhone OS 4.0 does indeed support multi-tasking. Whereas the iPads being shown today uses 3.2, I strongly suspect 4.0 will be available before the iPad ships in March and April. Next time I fly to San Diego, I'm looking forward to watching movies at a decent size while wearing Bluetooth headphones. Particularly if I've got a middle seat, and I'm watching porno.

    • Marc Alan Fishman says:

      Dirty, dirty boy. I'm impressed with the iPad, but will want to see how it will be utlized as not only a reader of comics, but a presentation tool. An on board camera is silly to me, as would having a ton of dongles to attach non blue toothed stuff. The ONLY other report (and I won't believe it until I see it) said the movies played back in widescreen didn't look "great". Again, would determine that on my own.

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      128 MG: You and another 127 of you?

  4. Mike Gold says:

    Confidential to Dirk Deppey (…): In a world where the typical mainstream superhero comic book retails at $3.99, a device as convenient and powerful as the iPad is reasonably priced, even at the high-end model. How long before Fantagraphics starts formatting for that platform?