Apple unveils iPad, prescribed newest tablet

Marc Alan Fishman

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9 Responses

  1. Jonathan (the other says:

    So, it's supposed to "bridge the gap" between smartphones and laptops. And yet I haven't heard word one about telephony capabilities.Sounds like a cross between a netbook and an iPod Touch to me. That isn't $500 worth of impressive (plus data plan!) in my book.

  2. Brian Sokol says:

    Sweet! A computer flame war on ComicMix! Listen, the iPhone is good enough for me for now, though this iPad does fit nicely into my home automation plans. But more importantly, why would you insult my MacBook Pro by calling it underpowered? It's got two GPUs for cryin out loud! It does get hot though, unless you turn the fans all the way up.

  3. Brandon Barrows says:

    It's not a computer unless it's a PC, Brandon Saint Randy ads be damned. Never, never, never liked having to use a MAC.Will never own an Apple product.

  4. Marc Alan Fishman says:

    I'm a mac-o-phile myself. While my home machine is a hackintosh for monetary reasons… I find the iPad to be well priced given the features it comes packed with. Albeit, my personal gripes come with the general lack of multi-tasking out of the box… no camera (not that I think it's super important) …. and I'd like to see more integration with desktops. (using the iPad as an interactive portfolio would be keen, so long as file transfer is quick, and efficient.)

  5. Brett Jones says:

    First I'd like to point out the name could be a whole lot better. Moving on I agree with you about the interactive portfolio it would be pretty cool. Though I think Mr. Jobs is a little late on the tablet idea. To me it's just an bigger iphone or ipod maybe it's just me but why pay for a new shiny tablet if you already have the "smart" iphone and the imac or ibook. Seems like another thing to blow money on that's unnecessary just because it has that apple on it. Now if apple made an HDTV or game system (I'll take a check Mr. Jobs if it happens) that didn't cost $10,000 and need an apple genius to fix it when it gets has a problem I'd be down….till then no mas on that tablet.

  6. John Ostrander says:

    I'm a Macaholic. Never owned any computer except a Mac and really don't want to. I have a mac pro and love it. If i had the bucks — hell, yeah I'd pony up for the new machine.

  7. Kyle Gnepper says:

    I probably won't get this version, or the version after that. I figure around the 3rd upgrade it'll be much lighter and do cooler stuff. That and the typical price drop will be enough for me to finally get one.

  8. Patrick Hughes says:

    I'm with Kyle here.

  9. ipad Tablet says:

    Actually this could be a very good rival if it will have dual-core as they say it would have than it already has a head start in comparison to the iPad, the only thing that keeps it being great is probably lack or the wrong marketing and Apple fanboys. And copycats is a really broad term, where you complaining when apple came out with his mp3 player? no probably not even though the first mp3 was Saehan's MPMan (some people claim The Diamond Rio was the first), the first iPod-kinda device came from Compaq.. Same thing goes for TV's, phones, computers, laptops etc etc. There is always a first, doesn't mean the second is a copycat.