Debbie Schlussel completely misses the point of ‘Watchmen’

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ya know, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with her review if it didn't sound like it was written by a 16-year old girl. The sarcasm is just so extreme. The holier-than-thou, stick-my-fingers-in-my-ears-and-go-lalalalalalala attitude is completely off-putting. She's everything that's wrong with religion.

  2. Ian Kirk says:

    Was her maiden name Debbie Wertham?

  3. Russ Rogers says:

    I wrote an overly long response to Debbie Schlussel's mess of a review on her sight. Here it is:Debbie, You have made the repeated claim that "Watchmen" is being marketed to children. I don't see it. Where are "The Watchmen" lunch boxes, sleeping bags, board games, jigsaw puzzles, Junior Novelizations or board books?. There aren't any. There are a few collectible action figures, intended for adults, like this one of Silk Spectre:…But there isn't the marketing push that even "Dark Knight" got! (And THAT is another movie I would NOT bring a child to see either!) The few Watchmen "toys" I've seen are priced outside of kid's budgets and not designed to be cute, cuddly or playful. What children's TV shows have been showing commercials for "The Watchmen"? My daughters watch a lot of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. I can't recall ONE Watchmen commercial there, not even late night.You've said that the PROOF that the movie is being marketed to children is that you SAW several parents bring children to the movie. We can agree that children seeing this movie is a BAD idea. But a few parents having poor judgment isn't the fault of the movie studio or the movie. The movie is after all RATED "R"!Are car manufactures at fault when a parent decides to let their children ride in a car without a child safety seat or without buckling their seat belts at all? At some point, raising children becomes the PERSONAL responsibility of the PARENTS. We can't legislate every aspect of good parenting. Your review calls the characters of Silk Spectre "slutty." I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've read the novel. I never interpreted the characters as "slutty." You say, "tis movie concludes that the rape was a good thing b/c the slutty superhero had a slutty superhero daughter from him;" Seriously? You think that's the viewpoint of the story, writer, director or ANY of the characters? That rape is a good thing?I really don't think the story of "The Watchmen" advocates raping women because their daughters might turn out to be sexy superheroes. I think the rape scene is there to show that The Comedian isn't the "Hero" that the Government describes him to be, but is instead an amoral sociopath.Are you advocating the notion that women who dress provocatively are asking to be raped? That they are deserving of being raped? Are you advocating that victims of rape have a moral obligation to immediately attempt to get an abortion? You claim to have a conservative viewpoint. What is your conservative view? Should a woman who has been raped have the right to choose to have an abortion? Should she have the right to choose to have the child and raise it? Which is the better (more moral) choice?See? Life is full of difficult moral choices. That is part of what the story of the Watchmen is about. It's a Morality Play: People who live by absolute moral codes (like Rorshach); People who have no moral code at all (like the Comedian); People who over intellectualize, until they have no gut sense of right and wrong (like Dr. Manhattan); People who want to do the right thing, but aren't sure what that is (like Owlman); And people who are willing to twist their own moral codes to achieve what they think are necessary ends (like Ozymandias).These are pertinent questions. Did the United States have the moral authority to break international law and our own laws and our own established moral codes by TORTURING people? What if the end was an attempt to maintain peace and order and fight "terrorism"? Do we have the right to become terrorists ourselves in our attempts at fighting terrorism? If our President decides he has the authority to lock up anybody just for suspicion of terrorism, who can stop him? Who watches the watchmen?Yes, "The Watchmen" are NOT your classic funny-book heroes. I don't think it was anybody's intention to set up the characters as "Paragons of Virtue." They are conflicted and sometimes very ugly. Some of them are morally degenerate. They are violent. They dress provocatively or not at all! (Do you think Dr. Manhattan deserves to raped because he runs about naked? Why do you think the character was naked? Was it just to be provocative, to shock you? You mentioned the computer enhanced penis THREE times in your review. Obviously it made an impression.) Debbie, I think you got so caught up in your moral outrage at some parents inappropriately bringing their kids to this movie, that you missed the whole point of the story. And I really don't think it was anyone's intention to make this movie for children OR market it toward them! I think most people can agree, "The Watchmen" isn't a movie intended for children.

  4. Rich Lane says:

    It's obvious to me from the tenor and language of the review that this woman fancies herself an Ann Coulter in the making. She's deliberately using inflammatory statements to get people to her blog to gape in horror and shake their fists because it drives her numbers up.Ignore her. If you never heard of her prior to this article (I hadn't), pretend you never did and resist any temptation to engage her on her site or anywhere else. The best way to combat her is to not give her free publicity no matter how loudly she spews her bile.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      Good advice, Lane. You don't happen to own a time machine, do you? ;) Oh well. Live and learn.

  5. mike weber says:

    Ummm, Russ – Laurie wasn't the result of the *attempted* rape.Her parentage says a lot about her mother's sense of self-worth (as does her mother's amusement over the "Tijuana Bible" early in the story.(Something that hit me at some point looking at Laurie's mother in her harlequin glasses and her general attitude was that the whole Silk Spectre/Silk Spectre 2 setup rather reminded me of Arrowette and her mother…)

  6. Anonymous says:

    ok – i got the whole ends justifies the means thing but seriously the movie was ultra-dull. The character development left wanting less even thought I knew nothing about them. The plot was like 6 feet of mud and moved like molassis. I'm sorry this girl was a horrible review writer becuase this movie needs a credible bad review. I should have left after 15min. I wouldve been happier had rodriguez did it – it least it would be genuinly dark. two nipples down down.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Debbie Schlussel is a ziofacist neo con, and a very nanny state one if you listen to she of the multi chins bash on fat chicks. She is NOT a conservative.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You say, "tis movie concludes that the rape was a good thing b/c the slutty superhero had a slutty superhero daughter from him;" Seriously? You think that's the viewpoint of the story, writer, director or ANY of the characters? That rape is a good thing?"I really don't think the story of "The Watchmen" advocates raping women because their daughters might turn out to be sexy superheroes. "Wow, Schlussel should joins some logic challenged self-righteous angry lesbian group. This is not a conservative.And most Hollywood characters are slutty. Why start with easy going pleasant silk spectre?