‘Roots of the Swamp Thing’ Includes 3 by Nestor Redondo

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Rozakis says:

    Let's be realistic here. They had to add SOMETHING new to justify yet another visit to the well.

    • John Wells says:

      I’m sure that that was used as a selling point when this was pitched in an editorial meeting but including extras–even so much as sketches and behind-the-scenes material–for reprints on their second or third (or first) go-round has become the exception, not the rule. The selling point on recent collections like THE DEATH AND LIFE OF SUPERMAN and the “deluxe” Y: THE LAST MAN–to name just two–was that they were in hardback rather than trade. There was no additional inducement to buy ’em. DC could easily have done the same with this SWAMP THING book.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what would the world of an original mint condition copy of this go for???