Nolan: Marvel’s Crossover Agenda Won’t Work For Batman

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5 Responses

  1. Duncan Kyle says:

    I'm not sure I agree with Christopher Nolan. I think that more superheroes in his version of the DC universe are absolutely viable. How can you have a world where an international organization of supercriminal ninjas exists but supersamaritans do not? It is not a stretch that if Bruce mustered up the motivation to become something great that other people could come to the same conclusion. Or that the available science at the time couldnot create something 'super'.I do understand where is coming from on a strictly creative sense however. I think he personally doesn't want to get involved with the idea of people who can shoot heat out of their eyes and such because that would take his particular vision of the world in a different direction creatively. I akin his point of view to the decision to make the events from Frank Miller's Return of the Dark Knight take place in a universe parallel to the DC norm. A future where Superman becomes a governement agent and all of the world's heroes are forced to retire is not something that would sell many future comics. The idea reflects a grim sensibility that is far apart from the ideas that allow DC to continue to grow.As aside note, I am disappointed that DC is going to go with Hal Jordan as their first film version Green Lantern. Personally i feel that there are not enough "minority" superheroes. I was excited when the news broke that Common was cast as John Stewart for the Justice League movie. I thought 'finally we get an alternative to the norm'. Plus that would set an opportunity to tell the stories of Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner at a later date. Maybe even set the stage for a GL Corps movie… Well nothing is set in stone, so we'll see what the future brings.

    • Razvan "Legolas says:

      Chris Nolan wanted to make the character of Batman as realistic as possible. Those super-criminal ninjas you were talking about are just a terrorist organization, which can be seen anywhere in the real world, not only in movies, but instead of ninjas they are (usually) people who hate a country or religion and they start bombing it. So, I'm sorry, but you didn't make a very good comparison with those "supercriminal ninjas". Oh and one more thing. So, what you're saying is that if they've already put the "supercriminal ninjas" in the Batman movie, then it would be okay to put a Man Of Steel from another planet in the movie as well, right? I mean, it's VERY realistic, isn't it? I think I saw one of them at my window last night. Or maybe it was Green Lantern looking for his Green Flashlight. I hope I cleared that, at least for a few of you guys who were planning to leave comments like Duncan Kyle.

  2. Tyson Durst says:

    I never saw crossovers being viable at all in Christopher Nolan's Batman films and I'm perfectly fine with that. Not everything in comics or other mediums translates well to screen. I didn't go into Dark Knight hoping for a Superman or Green Lantern cameo.

  3. Kyle Mentzer says:

    Multiple continuities are perfectly acceptable. That fact that Nolan's batman isnt the same batman as the JL movie won't make me love it or hate it anymore than I already would. What is important is the quality of the film. Comics have had continuity glitches for years. Marvel still states that anything that happened in past issues happened in an alternate universe if it doesnt fit in with current storylines. Besides, how cool would it be if we could get films based off of some of those great elseworld tales DC spins out every so often

  4. brap says:

    way to go, nolan ^^, keep batman raw as he is, and please do not add robin/batgirl either >_>