New York, New York, by Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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7 Responses

  1. Elayne Riggs says:

    Seeing you later today is going to be one of the highlights of the convention for me.

  2. Michael Davis says:

    It was scheduled for 7:30 because we play loud music…duh.

  3. Alan Coil says:

    I, too, suffer migraines, usually once or twice a month. I haven't had one since I started taking high blood pressure medication. I am NOT a nagging mother, but you should have your blood pressure checked, if you already haven't.

  4. Adriane Nash says:

    I bet you hate to fly even more now! Stupid JetBlue…Great panel, by the way. Way more real than the smoke-blowing fests and faux secret slips you get from Marvel and DC. You guys actually addressed something.Do wish O had shown…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for exempting me from the hating on LA. Me