Fox Defends ‘Dollhouse’

Robert Greenberger

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4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    While it's been a while since Firefly (woefully mistreated) and Wonderfall (treated even worse – canceled after only 4 episodes when 13 had been ordered), I still don't trust FOX when it comes to series which are significantly different than the norm.Perhaps they're improving. They've given Terminator some time (though not a lot of episodes – only 14 so far and into the second season), but an additional order of only two more episodes beyond the season's first 13 is not much of a vote of confidence. Also, Summer Glau doesn't appear comfortable with the chances of the show making it in the long run.On the other hand, while the other two shows were showing signs of promise when they were canceled, Terminator has had somewhat lackluster stories without a sense of direction this season. It's almost as if the makers of the show are giving up on it. Maybe the cancelation will be a self-fufilling prophesy.

    • Dave says:

      It appears I was incorrect about the number of Terminator episodes ordered for this season. I checked the current episode list and there are only 10 listed for this season. So, either there were initially eight ordered and two have been added, or there were ten ordered and the additional two haven't been added to the list.This hardly shows any confidence in a show on its second season. Instead of the customary 13 episodes (hopefully followed by the "back nine"), Terminator only received a portion of those episodes. Even with the "vote of confidence" of two more episodes the show hasn't received even the typical order for the first part of the season.I suppose it's possible the original 13 plus two have been ordered, but the list I've seen doesn't indicate that.Also, with only 8 episodes ordered for Dollhouse, FOX is continuing to follow their pattern of showing little support for shows they profess to believe in.

  2. Alan Coil says:

    8 episodes for Dollhouse…just enough to last through sweeps week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just pray to God that Fox will let this show live. It scares me shitless that this show is on their channel… I have no faith in Fox, after they've canceled quite a few of my favorite shows. I'm never gonna get over the canceling of Tru Calling. *shakes fist*Maybe Fox should start to rethink their actions.. Don't they ever wonder why Fox has become a curse word? Or do they just not care?