Neil Gaiman to Write ‘Doctor Who’ in 2010?

Rick Marshall

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8 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    I'm not sure how many television scripts Gaiman has written. He did write an episode of Babylon 5, "Day of the Dead."

    • Anonymous says:

      He also wrote all of the BBC series "Neverwhere". Which was very similar toDoctor Who in terms of atmosphere, logic and nonsense… and budget. The Marquis De Carabas i beleieve was his take on the doctor.

  2. Lord Snooty says:

    "neverwhere" was wrote for TV first then redone as a book and the budget for it was LOW but the NEW dr who I found is as good as any si fi around at the moment. Remember the BBC have never looked after its own si fi if anyone remembers "the tripods" if know that !!

    • Mike Gold says:

      Lord Snooty, are you a Beano fan, a Bonzo Dog Band fan, or both?

      • Lord Snooty says:

        I have to say Mike I've been a lifetime member of the Beano club ! once a member of that your never really the same or sane : )

        • Mike Gold says:

          That's pretty cool.The Bonzo Dog Band reference — "Lord Snooty and his pals, tap dancing" from the Intro and the Outro — ain't bad neither.Folks who have no clue what we're babbling about should Google.

          • Russ Rogers says:

  …I have the Bonzo Dog Band's greatest hits on wax. Haven't listened to it in about 20 years. I have to connect a turntable and transfer some of that to digital. I love "The Intro and the Outro," but the Lord Snooty reference went right over my head. I'm more familiar with "The Ruttles" and their heavy metal cousins, "Spinal Tap."BTW, Neil Gaiman has written many songs. Some are featured on the albums of "The Flash Girls" and "The Folk Underground." (I recommend them!)Here is the song, "Folk Underground," performed by Folk Underground and written by Neil (Gaiman, not Innes).