Happy Birthday: Hergé

Aaron Rosenberg

Aaron Rosenberg has written novels for Pocket's Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, White Wolf's Exalted and Games Workshop's Warhammer lines. He has his own game company, Clockworks (www.clockworksgames.com).

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1 Response

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    When is Tintin's birthday? Is the censure of "Tintin in the Congo" justified? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tintin_in_the_CongoHow much are we willing to revise art to stay within contemporary tastes? Hergé edited and redrew parts of "Tintin in the Congo," in 1946 to appease critics who found the book too colonialist and cruel to animals. (Tintin blows up a Rhino with dynomite in the original story. The Rhino steps on Tintin's gun; it fires and scares away the Rhino in the revision.) How much should art be altered to make it palatable for the public? Or should we leave artworks alone and say that they are a product of their times, document those times and to alter them is creating revisionist history. Is it a crime to attach fig leaves on naked, public sculptures?I remember Bugs Bunny Cartoons being altered for broadcast in the seventies so that all violent acts (and there are plenty of them in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon) took place off-camera, out of the frame. The cartoons are much less violent and less funny too.Is it worth risking little children smacking each other in the head with frying pans just because it's really funny seeing Jerry make Tom's head frying pan shaped?