“Prowling” – Juggling the Blues with the Comics, by Michael H. Price

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3 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    I fondly remember the "Scout" flexi-disk issue! I own several issues of Prowler, but I didn't remember that there was a Prowler flexi-disk issue too. Nice to hear of The Prowler's impending return.ComicMix seems to be the PERFECT venue to try the experiment of Comics with Soundtracks again! Imagine, a looped bit of music that plays on the computer as each two page spread is read. When a reader "turns the virtual page," the music transitions into the next looped bit of score. I don't think this would not be too technically difficult to implement, just a pain in the ass to find someone to do the score of a comic as well as finding a writer, artist, inker, letterer, colorist and editor. Then again, there are multi-talented multi-taskers out there, like Tim Truman and Michael H. Price!Recently, while reading the Bo Hampton story, "Underworked,"here on ComicMix, the music for Blue Oyster Cult's, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" popped into my head. I think the music provides an interesting counterpoint to the story. As an experiment, I'm going to reread that story with the music playing the the background.http://www.comicmix.com/comic/comicmix/underworke

    • Michael H. Price says:

      I had mentioned in an earlier column (http://www.comicmix.com/news/2007/11/25/and-now-f…) the early discovery of a seemingly ideal pairing of music and comics. Something of a natural progression from there to concoct original comics stories with music to match — not that I've done so all that often.Tim Truman and I did a PROWLER-launching concert at the Dallas Con in 1987, with good results. The Eva-Tone Soundsheet, or flexi-disc, insert for the PROWLER series followed presently, appearing in one issue of the second four-issue miniseries. Thought about doing a musical-score record for the one-shot PROWLER/WHITE ZOMBIE issue that capped the original run, maybe with a blues-band version of Joel Shaw's 1932 jazz instrumental, "White Zombie." The idea passed unheeded, although I wound up remaking that piece for a much later CD-album called VOODOO KILLED THE RODEO STAR.I've remastered the PROWLER audio tracks, along with some related Truman & Price material, for Web deployment in connection with the PROWLER's reappearance via ComicMix. Bound to be some new mischief worth getting into along those lines.

  2. Jack Sakes says:

    Was the new Prowler story ever published? I'd written Mr. Truman in August of 08 asking if the series was ever going to be collected, and he mentioned in reply that there was supposed to be a new story coming out here, but it seems to have never seen print.I'd still love to see it happen.