Eric Reynolds on ‘How I Pissed Off Steve Ditko’

Rick Marshall

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2 Responses

  1. Mike Gold says:

    I've had the privilege of dining with Steve many times and I'd even been up in his studio. Made my little fanboy heart go pitter-patter. Given the strength of his social and political leanings, a lot of people are surprised when I say Steve is your basic nice guy with a strong sense of humor and a bit of a gleam in his eye. He truly does let his work speak for itself — in public — and I always had the feeling he's just a bit shy about meeting groups of fans. From what I've read of Strange and Stranger (I saw a photocopy of the book last month, and, well, I am quoted in it a few times…!) it appears to be a solid effort although, of course, I'd withhold "official" comment until I've actually read the whole thing. Given his feelings regarding his privacy, Steve isn't going to like its very existence. That's his right: he got into this business before comics creators became public figures, and we-all changed the rules on him mid-way through his career.Here on ComicMix, I'll have some comments regarding his contribution to one if this summer's major motion picture releases closer to the time the movie comes out. Heh heh heh.