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Andrew Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler spent 16 years as a book club editor, most notably for the Science Fiction Book Club, and has been a judge for the 2005 World Fantasy Awards and the 2009 Eisner Awards. He is now Marketing Manager for John Wiley & Sons.

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  1. Joe Sherry says:

    The end of The End was quite good and moving and refreshing in that it continued the theme of the "unfortunate events" (it's not like the narrator hasn't been telling us from the start that things don't end well), but over the course of thirteen books the Snicket novels were far too repetitive and I was more than ready for the series to end by book nine…Both endings, though, were fitting for the series and while intellectually I appreciate the ending of The End, the ending of Harry Potter gets me on the emotional level…and the Harry Potter series as a whole, I think, is superior to Unfortunate Events.