Is Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson?

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8 Responses

  1. mike baron says:

    It all depends on the script. Jackson could be a great Fury.

  2. Elayne Riggs says:

    Considering that Bryan drew Fury from photos of Jackson with the deliberate mindset that the famous comics fan would want to play the role someday, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion.

    • Christopher Moonligh says:

      Oh, you know it. I spotted that one the first time I saw the Nick in print. You know, I hate to say it but David Hasselhoff played Fury to a tea.

  3. Glenn Hauman says:

    Sure– and I'm still waiting for Sting to play John Constantine.

  4. Jeff Cuscutis says:

    Wasn't the entire Ultimates team based off of of existing actors? Samuel L Jackson just happens to be the most recognizable.

  5. chris ullrich says:

    if true, its an inspired bit of casting. i, for one, would love to see a nick fury movie featuring jackson — in some ways just to get the bitter taste out of my mouth after watching "the hoff" ruin an otherwise great character. although, they list fred ward as "intalks" for the nick fury film over at imdb so you never know what might happen.

  6. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    More and more comic characters are starting to look like movie stars. In Thunderbolts, Norman Osborn is now a dead ringer for Tommy Lee Jones.Tommy Lee Jones…now THERE'S a Nick Fury.

  7. Dwight Williams says:

    Not. Gonna. Worry. About it.Man's a good actor. He likes the part. Wants the part. He'll do right by it.