Magneto Returns To Hollywood

Mike Gold

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12 Responses

  1. Marc Alan Fishman says:

    Another great chapter to the piece fellas. I enjoy the atmospheric pages. The painterly aspects of the work, combined with a stark warm vs. cool palate makes for pages that really pop. If I was to be critical for only a second though, I admit some partial confusion to the costume of Mr. Lone Justice (who I notice everyone must call by that name, in caps, followed by an exclamation point!). Is it a red hood with bandana OVER the eyes? I'm all for the cool look (and it's damn cool, especially with the brilliant jet prop design, double kudos!) but I gotta ask how our titular hero can see?That little qwibble aside, another enjoyable jaunt into the pulpy goodness of Kirbyesque kinetic comic work.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      I think you are supposed to ask how he can see. After all, "Justice is blind." That is the one element of the costume that says, "JUSTICE" to me. It's like those statues of the blindfolded woman with the sword and scales, "Lady Justice." Oh, Lady Justice… I think I just created a spin-off character and love interest. Unless Lady Justice is a Lipstick Lesbian.

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Marc, I guess it says something about me, that I never for a moment thought there was anything to explain about the blindfold. I just assumed that if LONE JUSTICE functions as if he can see, then he must be able to see. And if he can see – then he must be able to see through the blindfold. This is an assumption of mine about superheroes in general – that if they say they have the ability to do something – then you just go with it, But also, I know from personal experience that every time I've ever been blindfolded for a game or something, I've always been able to see pretty well through the blindfold. So think of the LJ blindfold as being made out of cheesecloth or something like that.

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    This was a great closing to the opening! A nice, tight, little introduction. But the end of the beginning can only mean one thing for our Hero, Lone Justice … next week, the beginning of the END! (cue dramatic horns) Bum-bum-bwahhh!I don't believe Scion got away the way the Police Chief described. Like LJ himself says, "Unbelievable!" The question remains: is the Police Chief being blackmailed by Scion or is has he been hypnotized or replaced by Scion? Bum-bum-bwahhh!Is there a connection between McDuff and Scion? And will Lone Justice soon cry, "Lay on, McDuff"? These and other questions will be answered in upcoming Episodes of …(Bum-bum-bwahhh!) …. LONE JUSTICE: CRASH!

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:


      • Marc Alan Fishman says:

        I thought as much, and I'm enjoying it. I think I just always have the bug on my shoulder when it comes to these "blind" masks, on guys like Lone Justice, and Marvel's Penance etc. I love the look, but there's always a side of me that is curious. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the story, and I'll say it again…LOVE the prop copter.

        • MARK WHEATLEY says:

          Well – here is the super-cool thing about that prop-copter. It really exists – or something very much like it. We were shooting for a personal gyro-copter for the 1930s "James Bond". But a few years ago the real thing became – real.

          • Russ Rogers says:

            I saw the guys on Mythbusters try to build something similar. Episode #32.Glenn Martin has invented something very similar. And only unveiled it this year! He hopes to produce them commercially! Here's an article from the NY Times:The Jetpack: From Comics to a Liftoff in the Yard

          • MARK WHEATLEY says:

            My main computer is down at the moment – has all my reference links – so I can't grab the addy. But there is a real, military level, personal prop flight device. Not a jet pack.On the other hand – there was a great video online of a personal jet wing that would make the ROCKETEER weep for joy. But I wanted to avoid jets for 1930.

          • Russ Rogers says:

            Glenn Martin's pack is a proper prop device. It looks very similar to the LJ Proper Prop Pack, only about three times the size. It weighs 200 pounds, so it rests on feet on the ground.

          • MARK WHEATLEY says:

            Then that's the one (I was judging your post by the JETPACK headline). There is also a smaller version for short hops.

  3. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    VIDEO ROUNDUPSurrounding the launch of LONE JUSTICE: CRASH! we have been posting a number of videos. And I thought it would make sense to post a list of them here:LONE JUSTICE – TrailerRobert Tinnel & Mark Wheatley mutual interviewWATCH MARK WHEATLEY DRAW LONE JUSTICEWATCH MARK WHEATLEY PAINT LONE JUSTICEWe also have a nifty PodCast interview on the Mr. Media call-in talk show: